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    This week my amazing girlfriend is coming over after exams and is babying me all afternoon. I'm nervous and excited and I don't know what to do. What should we plan? She said she's willing to do almost anything that makes me feel little so what are some suggestions. Obviously she's going to spoon feed me, change my diapers, and give me my bottle but what else?

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    Donít feel nervous itís awesome. Make sure you have your stuffie and toys to me play with. Try to find out what make you feel little or your not going to have a good time. My trigger is grabbing my stuffie and give him a big hug. Sorry for the late response

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    She could put you down for a short nap, read you a story, give you a pacifier? There's also those amazing activity books where the page is full of items and the parent should tell the child which item to search for, I feel like that could be fun. You could play hide and seek, find out if there's a not-super-busy park near you where you could go, have a tea party for your stuffies, do puzzles, make up silly stories, sing songs, bake cookies together, play dress-up, learn a silly dance, do finger-painting, get a children's science playset and do some neat experiments, paint your own puzzle and later assemble it (there's art stores where you can buy blank puzzle cutouts to decorate yourself, it's pretty great), build a blanket fort, have a pillow fight inside (or outside) that blanket fort, watch a movie or series or something, and have your girlfriend make sure you stay hydrated if you're a hyperactive Little like me who forgets to drink. There's endless amounts of possibilities!

    Depending on what age you regress to, there's going to be different activities that will appeal to you. Maybe you could even look up something like "activities for age (blank)" and see if anything sounds interesting? I really hope you have fun, this is a great opportunity^^

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    Look on Pinterest on there you will find loads of creative ideas to do.

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    You are a very lucky baby

    I too have a Mommy friend who takes care of me when we both have the time to get together. Regressing alone can be fun, but doing so with a friend, partner or caregiver is another experience entirely.

    You seem to have the essentials covered; diaper changes and feeding time. If she is game for anything, I have a few things to suggest.

    When I get together with my Mommy friend, we love to cuddle, she'll sit me on her lap and rock me while patting my diapered bum, simple moments of closeness and intimacy like that make me feel incredibly small and babyish, so perhaps you guys could snuggle up and cuddle on the couch, have her embrace you while in baby mode. Playing with toys is a good idea too, I love when my Mommy friend shakes my rattle for me and comes down to my level in order to play with me and my toys. Lastly, bath time can be really fun, it gets you all squeaky clean after a diaper change and I find it's another relaxing and fun bonding moment that can make someone feel incredibly little

    Hopefully, I have given you a few ideas. Also, remember to relax, have fun and take things slow if need be. Enjoy

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    Although I am sure you will want a lot of interaction, there might be some quiet time for you as well, and will give your "mommy" a break to kind of take it all in. I still think that the best regressive time for me is when I get put down for a nap. It is not all that normal for me to do that in adult mode and you can make it very special. She can get you undressed and make sure you are in a dry diaper, get you your special blanket and plushie, your pacifier, a nice pat on the bum a kiss and a "nigh night". Being awoken is just as awesome, its gentle and bonding as you get changed into a dry diaper and a new adventure begins. I don't try to talk at all during this time, I just hug my moose suck on my pacifier and take it all in. I love watching her eyes, the gentle expressions on her face. It is wonderful. I hope you have time for it.

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    I talked it over with my caretaker with all the stuff and she now has a surprise schedule. Thank you all so much!

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