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Thread: Best places to buy Little clothes

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    Default Best places to buy Little clothes

    So I am a Daddy. I really want to buy some cool little clothes for my special little possum. I want to get her some cute knee high socks, short overalls, jumpers, onesies etc.

    I've been hunting for a specific onesie which I saw on tumblr and wanted to know if anyone knows where to find a carebear onesie.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    I would suggest looking on eBay. Search "adult baby." Lots of good sellers; look for ones with 100% (or close) positive feedback.

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    Hi. I buy lots of little clothes and onesies on amazon and Etsy. The sizing is tricky at first. Go with measurements for sure. But I buy all the things you are looking for at those 2 places. Good luck!

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    I've bought some on Amazon. Just type in Adult Baby clothes and a number of things will pop up.

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    i bought some at Patapoom in france, payed for them but NEVER recieved them. No response at e-mail asking for information.
    On the other hand i have good experiences with Nappiesrus, Tykables, Privatina and ABDLfactory.

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    Default is vary reasonable, price wise.
    A bit slim pickings but...
    Be forewarned you'll probably need to order 3 sizes bigger than normal. is better on the sizing, but a bit more costly.

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