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Thread: A bit of advice for Everyone, but especially newbies

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    Default A bit of advice for Everyone, but especially newbies

    Here follows a suggestion that can help make ADISC a tighter-knit community and an easy way to make your posts better!!

    When you make a reference to something please cite references, supply links, provide examples, and if you express opinions - good or bad - about another member or bunch of members - please give evidence.

    This is especially important when you refer to content in another post; it really doesn't take much time to open ADISC in a second window, so you can highlight the url and copy/paste it to your new post. Here are some reasons and examples why this is so important:


    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Awwww I wish you could have supplied links or examples, especially the second one. Raccoons rep people who cite with links and examples.

    Oh, and did anyone look at my Erasure video - and is there a big purple diaper?

    And the Bad Ronald quasi-rap video with the cute gals cavorting in diapers: this video seems to have been detached from the original link embedded in this post; because youtube no longer hosts it; anyone know where it might be currently hosted?
    Without the first url, you would have to go to some trouble to find my original post with the Erasure video, and my query would be less likely to get answered. As it is, you can click on the little blue arrow to go straight to my original post. So when you do likewise your questions have a better chance of being answered!

    And without the second url, finding the original link to the video (which is no longer on youtube) would require much work: you would have to use the search function (keywords "Bad Ronald") or read through all of the massive thread . Without the url I just quoted you might have no idea where to look in the first place, where to find the thread.) (Teen Baby forum, top sticky.)

    If I had said, "And the video with the cute gals cavorting in diapers: this seems to have been removed from the original link; anyone know where it might be currently hosted?"

    - it would have been practically impossible to figure out which I was talking about, and my post would just be spam, and nobody would ever get to see the video - including me and you - because all reference to it had become buried and lost.

    If you say anything about someone else or a group, and you cite evidence, you will get credibility for making sound claims, instead of maybe being called a rumor-monger. If you are making a point about an important issue, it can be checked easily if you supply links to the posts that demonstrate and explicate your important issue, though such posts may have been made in all kinds of different and out of the way places.

    Like say there is some issue a bunch of people are unhappy about. They would proably post about it on different forums and in different threads; if you make links to their gripes in one post it puts them under one roof. Then we can see how widespread the problem is and get to the root of it easily, instead of trying to figure out who said what where. If you come across one perosn complaining you might put down their complaint to personal issues; when a bunch have similar issues, the issues may be widespread and deserve attention; this makes fixing them a whole lot easier.

    If you say, "so-and-so said such-and-such," by linking to the post where he did say "such-and -such" your audience gets to read the thread with the post you cited, and will be better informed as to what you are talking about. Also, they will read the post in its original context, and just in case you misunderstood the post (say, if it was sarcastic) others can see what the cited poster really meant.

    Making links, citing evidence, and giving examples, will knit the site together, as people cross-check things. (Cross-checking: no-no in hockey, yes-yes in ACISC.) There will be less misunderstanding, and less drama. Your opinion will carry more weight. And if there is some problem a bunch of individuals point out in their individual posts, in different places, different threads and different forums, we can look at them collectively to see if the problem is widespread or just one or two persons' anomaly.
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    Moved to off-topic because the thread is not about how to write introductions, but how to write posts in general.

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    But the thread is meant to be away to inprove posts, and was written especially for newbies. It not intro per say but should be where newbies cab see it.

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    Posting on the forum - ADISC Answers Wiki

    Perhaps, improve the article?

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