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    Smile Birthday ideas

    So... me and mommy are going to be together alone for my birthday and I was wondering besides a cake, a bib, eating with my hands, a diaper, a onesie and a silly hat.. What else would be some good ideas for us to do on that day?? Thanks! Mommy is pretty much open to any idea.

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    You could do some of the basic party games--set up pin the tail on the donkey for a classic game. It may not be quite as fun without a large group but perhaps you can add rewards based on how close you get to the target?

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    That sounds so nice, you are very lucky to have a Mommy who is going to throw you an AB Birthday.

    Me and my Mommy friend were talking about doing this for me when I have my birthday in July, but sadly, my folks are coming down to visit on my Birthday, so me and Mommy are bound to have to shift our plans around

    Considering that I've been planning for the same thing, I have a few ideas.

    How about presents? All good babies deserve presents. Maybe you could ask Mommy if she can buy you a toy or two and wrap them up. There's something really pure, child-like and nostalgic behind tearing open a present on your Birthday, it's something I haven't had for years, the last time I had a wrapped present on my birthday was when I was 13.

    Picture time was another thing me and my Mommy friend were thinking about. Maybe your Mommy can snap a few pics of your with a disposable camera, catch you in your silly birthday hat, ripping open your presents, blowing out the candles on your cake and that moment when you start to dig in.

    Also, it goes without saying, your current birthday list is pretty packed and thorough as it is, but let's not forget the other usual baby behaviours. Maybe Mommy can play with you and your toys on your special day, birthday cuddles would be nice as well and of course, a birthday diaper change.

    Hopefully, I've given you some good suggestions. Happy Birthday to you and have fun

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    I did a kids birthday for my husband two years ago, it was themes Ducktales and I put up a happy birthday banner and streamers in orange green white and light blue. We had ducktales party hats, blowers, paper cups, plates and napkins as well as a ducktales table cloth thanks to e-bay. I also bought a dinosaur cake at the store and put ducktales pvc characters on it one of his favorite episodes is the one where they found the dinosaurs. We had pizza and ice cream than played games for little prizes that I found. To stick with the ducktales theme I found a full set of the Ducktales McDonalds toys and they were our prizes. We played pin the scarf on launchpad (ebay), star wars toss across, indoor bowling and a couple other games. Then he opened his gifts. That year I got him 5 smaller cheaper gifts instead of 1 large gift that we normally do. Lastly, we got our goody bags with laffy taffy, tootsie rolls,hersheys miniatures, a pair of 80s slatted sunglasses, slap bracelets, a multi-color pen and bubbles. Of course my husband isn't an adult baby but he really likes older kids stuff so we had a lot of fun. The weekend after we went to the retro arcade where they have all of the 80s arcade games and he loved that too.

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    My wife and daughter took me to Build-A-Bear on my 40th birthday. The store clerks did the full number on me. I got the "I'm the Birthday Bear" with my name and a big "40." I then went through the whole process of making and dressing my bear.

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    Have you considered a picnic in the 100 achier wood together? take a BIG blanket, a diaper bag, Poo Bear stuffed toys, and eat out of "honey jars".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESPF View Post
    Have you considered a picnic in the 100 achier wood together? take a BIG blanket, a diaper bag, Poo Bear stuffed toys, and eat out of "honey jars".
    I think that is the best idea of all! A nice picnic.

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    [Update] thanks for the ideas guys! We had an awesome time!! We went to a local scenic forest park and found a nice secluded picnic table and pavillion. I smashed and ate a mario kart cake that mommy got me while she took pictures :] afterwards I played on the tireswing and slide right next to us and out of site to passersby later being changed on said table before making our getaway. It was an awesome time! Later we went to a themed playground, played and took pictures then later getting a bite at our favorite cafè and bar.

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    Sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad you had a good birthday.

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