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Thread: A genie gives you two options

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    I take the unspoken third option and say "No thanks crazy genie. I know what tricks you get up to." XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    I take the unspoken third option and say "No thanks crazy genie. I know what tricks you get up to." XD
    True, genies are often trouble and will try to twist your answer into something you didn't mean. Still, if I had to pick, I'd definitely rather go with the first option. If nothing else, it'd be an interesting experience growing up in a female body instead, but being in the state of consciousness I'm in now, I'd get to be more aware of what all is going on. Plus, I'd then be a girl who enjoys diapers and ABDL rather than a boy, which I don't doubt would add to the uniqueness of the experience.

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    I'd go with option 2, if my body proportions were to remain the same as they are now. I'm under the impression this is something that could be done at will? While the physical gender change of option one would be something I'd love since my body's gender would be closer to my preferred gender, I'm not keen on having the body of an infant and being limited in what I can do. I can sew and tailor and have dolls that I could share clothes with so the adult proportions but smaller over all size wouldn't really be an issue. I'm alone a lot so the lack of limitations would work out better than option one where I'd have to have constant attention. Just shrinking has other non-abdl applications too. It'd be better to cosplay elves and fairies and other small creatures. There's the benefit of being able to fit into small spaces. There's also the potential for being a real life super hero or at least getting famous like those people out there with awesome abilities like the guy that can conduct electricity or the girl that wrote an entire essay on the back of a postage stamp.

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    Considering option 2 doesn't have instant death attached, I'll have to go with option 2.

    If it wasn't for the instant death this would be a harder choice honestly

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    I wonder if other fringe communities have a similar penchant for these kinds of wacky fantasy choices? They probably do but I haven't delved far enough in any others to see.

    I'd take the lame super power of the second option. I don't know that it would get that much use but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

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    Definitely the first. Absolutely zero downside to that for me. I'm genderfluid anyway, so the idea of being a little girl in body (or a girl of any age) makes me want to go on a quest to find this genie right now.

    Screw it, I'm getting the safari hat.

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    First of all, I would get to know the genie a bit more before coming up with my answer. You know, becoming their friend and sincerely finding out more about who they are. What they like to do and how it came about that they became a Genie in the first place. I would also make sure they have access to the flying carpet in case they needed transportation to the store to restock their supplies within the lamp. Asking them if there were any needs they were lacking, and then helping to accommodate their receiving of those items. For unless you are naive, you should realize that Genies only get to come out of their lamps on average 1.23 times per year!!! That is incredible and hard to comprehend. Can you imagine this? Even most inmates in prison get to come out of their cells daily to interact with others. But Genies? Come on, you have to acknowledge this is unacceptable. I don't care what your background is, if you seek within your heart, you most certainly will agree this just isn't right!!!

    After this, then I would then figure out how I can help genie accomplish what she/he wanted to be. Genies are all to often having to serve others and never having anyone think of their own needs or desires. Perhaps the genie wanted this opportunity as well, but was forced to just offer it to others. So, if so, what is it that I could offer Genie to help her/him fulfill their fantasies?

    Then I would help Genie with whatever it was that they wanted to become, and help them to experience the thrill of having a wish fulfilled.

    In modern times, slavery is considered an evil practice and humanity seems much more in opposition to this than a few generations ago. But yet I find it ironic no one seems to even consider the slavery of the Genie who is being forced to give you whatever you wish in this occasion. According to the 2017 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average compensation for Genies was well below the poverty level, with housing insufficient to even meet minimal standards. Most lamp housing provided had limited access to safe drinking water sources and dangerous levels of lead and carcinogenic petroleum products within the oil levels of the lamp. In addition, the governmental office of community and family services found that Genies were deprived of any gender relationships as they were forced into solitary isolation within the lamp itself. Only allowed respite when upon occasion the master rubbed the lamp and released the Genie for a few moments of discussion and then decision regarding the requisite slave performance of providing the master of the Genie lamp's request.

    Sooo... let's all stop thinking of ourselves and what the Genie can offer us to fulfill our fantasies. This is morally wrong and the upmost corruption of requiring another to provide at our beckon and call whatever our individual fantasies may be.

    The next time the lamp is rubbed and the Genie appears, how about we offer to her/him the gift of their wishes when asked to fulfill the wish of what is our own? Perhaps foregoing our own fantasies and giving the ability for our wishes to be fulfilled back to the Genie. Allowing them to no longer be in servitude, but rather the master of their own destiny. Believing in the concepts brought forth by one of the key founders of this country, Abraham Lincoln, when it his address to the citizens and public at Gettysburg, stated that "All men (and women) are created equal" , inference to gender neutrality provided as it is obviously part of what was meant. --oftentimes the statement of man or mankind is gender neutral and referring to the greater humankind population, but simply the manner of grammar at that time.

    So, if believing that all humankind are created equal, should not Genies be granted this same protection and consideration? I hope we all reflect on this and no longer exist in the false perception that Genies are simply here to serve us and grant us our wishes.

    If I met this Genie in the circumstances that the OP suggested, I would certainly not request that he or she give me what I wanted and fulfill my own desires, but I would give to her/him the option of release of the slavery he/she was in and forego my own fulfillment of wishes.

    I would hope that as a community we might all seek out helping others, especially Genies, to be free and have the same protected rights that all of us as citizens otherwise have.
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    If a jinn needs an advocate, I think you just put yourself on the short list.

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