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Thread: i'm back, did you miss me? :D

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    Smile i'm back, did you miss me? :D

    Hey all, its me aj from #tbdl on undernet like 8 years ago, lol. Been gone from here for about 5 or 6 years but dropping by again

    umm, as for a intro, im 26 (getting old, eh?), canadian, living in europe dating a cute dutch babyfur named scratchpaws (larsje from #tbdl)

    I wear diapers for fun, and almost 24/7. Also i like kid'ish clothes and PJs a lot Other awesome things include lego, playdoh, lil matchbox toy cars wif a playmat, pacifiers/babybottles/sippycups, bibs/highchairs, playpens/cribs, etc etc etc

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    Welcome to ADISC aj1983 : )

    Why don't you tell us more about you? Like what are some of your hobbies, etc.?

    Hope to see you in the forums

    - Asher

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    include lego, playdoh, lil matchbox toy cars wif a playmat
    All great things!

    Welcome (back) to Adisc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj1983 View Post
    Other awesome things include.......highchairs, playpens/cribs, etc etc etc
    Now you're talking!!! Especially if one those etcs is baby prams!

    Welcome back! Peachy mentioned something about your return, and that you had been here years ago. I don't think I was even lurking on TBDL yet when you left, so nice to meet you for the first time.


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    Yay! You're back! You left about 3 days (!) after I joined TBDL, so theoretically, we shouldn't really know each other

    *rolls out the play mat for AJ to play on*


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    Welcome back! I actually remember a certain aj19 from way back in the days. Not that we ever talked much, but I still remember you. It's good to see some really old people around. In a way it makes me feel like I'm 15 again

    So, hoping to see more of you around ADISC, aj!

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    Heh. I thought I had been around here for quite a while... but damn, that's a long time ago you where here!

    I've seen you in the IRC a few times, and you're pretty cool. So, welcome back! (though if I wasn't here when you left, I think it should just be a regular old "welcome"). :D

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    Thanks for the warm welcomes and welcome backs all (also thanks for replying so i can reply and get more posts to see the rest of the site *giggles*)

    Forgot to mention my hobbies in my main intro up top, but i really dont have many of them. Just like the usual things i guess, ab/tb stuff, computers, internet, travel, news and world events, history, science, etc. geeky stuff like that

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    Welcome to ADISC, hope you find what we have done to the place is too your liking. I've seen you in IRC and you seem really cool - so I hope to see more of you around. I would give my usual, post, get yourself known etc. comments for introductions, but you probably already know it better than me

    Really look forward to having you round. New members who contribute are good. Returning old members - even better!

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    Hee, from me also a warm welcome back to the group

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