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Thread: How my Diaper Fetish started

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    I've always been partially incontinent, and for all my life i've held it in too long because i didn't want to go to the bathroom every hour. I believe the resaon i became curious about diapers was because i had started to accidentally wet myself during the daytime. Without even realising why i was doing it, i started to enjoy wetting my underwear, and started to wonder if i could use a diaper to hold in the pee. That's probably what happened to me.

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    I was born with it, I remember post potty training my struggle of always trying to get diapers, from like 3yrs old and on, even today at 33yrs old. My childhood was very ideal, I came from a home with two loving parents, a older sisters, no real trauma I could think of, very typical small town late 80's & 90's family, had tons of friends from the neighborhood and school.
    I have some memories of me trying to climb in my closet at age 3 to grab a diaper on the top shelf, (never could reach it) Many times trying to steal diapers from kids diaper bags that my mom would watch.
    Stealing and trying to put one on in preschool (getting caught by the teacher) so on and so forth.
    In grade school I use to shove paper towels in my underwear.
    At the age of 9 or 10 I actually got a diaper (pampers) from the neighbors house, it fit perfectly and I was hooked ever since, pampers and luvs until age 14 (grew out of them) and on to depends / attends then full fledged ab diapers when I bought my first house.
    I now have cases of all different brands and I love them all.
    My social life is relatively normal, I have had my fair share of girl friends (they all found out about my diapers, and break ups were never about them, they were about other things)
    So to say that its a fetish that only manifests itself during the onset of puberty is not entirely true, how would you explain my situation.

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    It could have been, like if you had the urge to still wear diapers, pull-ups, or training pants even after you were potty trained as a child. But it could have also just developed when you were older, as that can happen. I mean, many of my fetishes and kinks I can relate back to one thing in my childhood that could've caused it as a result. As I've heard that things we did in our childhood can develop sexual interests or whatever when we're older. Even if it's unpleasant. I'm a pad lover (can't get into diapers at the moment), but mine developed for a completely different reason which is linked to another. Not the same but similar.

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