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Thread: what is your perfect abdl fantasies

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    Quote Originally Posted by vietnamesebabyboi View Post
    Thats very realistic, in fact its actually possible
    Yeah. Probably better than an automated nursery

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    My ideal fantasy would be to be regressed back to three years old, and get to wear diapers and play without condemnation. My family gave me such an awesome childhood, and being able to relive that (and maybe stay in diapers longer ) would be a dream come true!

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    Fantasy for me is being with someone (or car has a flat near a nursery) and through accidents and mishaps they keep regreasing me from boxers to whites to pull ups to diapers. All the while treating me younger and younger until finally I am simply a baby that needs love and care and they become my mommy.

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    I've already lived it. After our child was born my wife couldn't get enough of being a Mommy. I was diapered and breastfed regularly for almost 2 years.
    It was intoxicating! I'm still diapered every night but I'm now responsible for that. I do get to latch on from time to time though!

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    Most of my kiddy fantasies involve having my eyes covered: I might be blindfolded if there are adults things in the room I'm not supposed to see, so that my carer can shower while keeping an eye on me, enforced naptime, games such as guess the object by feel, playing with sensory toys, or pin the tail on the donkey. My favourite one is just before my birthday: my sight has been confiscated, my hands are locked in safety mittens, I can hear my presents being wrapped, and my cake being prepared. Someone feeds me cake mix, and teases me about how much my bare bottom will sting and burn from the OTK birthday spanking I will receive before I'm allowed to open my presents.

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    I like playing on the edge of being too old for diapers, but not quite keeping dry 100%.
    My fantasy is to find the right mommy. I would like to have an accident in my vanilla clothes, possibly wearing my terry cloth training pants under my big boy clothes. My gf/mommy would scold me, shame me, undress me, spank me, bathe me, diaper me, and baby me.

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    I also got to live through mine and still do, I have a friend that's a female and she enjoys babying me. I'll go to her place for a weekend every once in a while and be treated like a 2-3 year old. She's not to shy and she'll incorporate me with her daily activities, so if she needs to go to the store, guess who's in tow, me. The nice thing is that she has no intentions of ever embarrassing me in public, so when we're out and about its vanilla covering with subtle mommy / kids tendencies.

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    My fantasy is to have a cute DL boyfriend who doesn't call me weird and who likes the same things (kinky or otherwise) that I like.

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    I am sure nobody will ever call you weird. I hope it all works out and you meet a cute DL Boyfriend who likes the same lovely things as you do.

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