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Thread: 2 Days of Solitude. Diaper Experience.

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    Default 2 Days of Solitude. Diaper Experience.

    Hey guys!

    So, my whole family is leaving in two weeks for a 2 days vacation, which they gladly invited me but I turned them down for several reasons. However, that means I have the house all for myself for 48 hours! I was thinking on going diapered all the time for that, and for the first time experience that side. I would like to wear diapers and use them for their intended purpose all the time.

    Any input on this?

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    Go for it

    You have the time, you have the space and I assume you have the diapers, so make use of that time and have a blast.

    Most of what I have to suggest is practical, but it'll go a long way I think:

    1. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink lots of water, that way you won't have to change super frequently if you wet, water dilutes urine really well.

    2. Use plenty of cream and powder to prevent irritation.

    3. Change within 10-15 and have a can aerosol ready if you decide to mess.

    4. It should go without saying, have fun

    I love when I have multiple days to myself because then I can really throw myself into baby mode and forget about all my troubles. Rarely do I get consecutive days in a row between school, work and other hobbies. Fortunately, I'll have a few stretches of time this summer where I'll be able to do what you are planning on doing, going diapered and in baby mode for multiple days in a row

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    I say do it, i've been wanting to do this since I got into getting real AB diapers but have yet to have the chance

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    sounds like itis unanimous. go for it andenjoy yourself!!!

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    So, it's settled then! I'll go 48 hours diapered! However, I want to be baby too! Any suggestions on what to do on how to achieve maximum babyness?

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