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Thread: Am I too old to play the DSi and Pokemon Pearl?

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    Default Am I too old to play the DSi and Pokemon Pearl?

    I used to be really into this game when I was younger and for some reason I've got interested in it again. Do you think it's weird for someone in their 20s to be playing a pokemon game? Are there any other uses for this DSi that I could use instead of just the game? I know my mom and brother would be like, you still play pokemon, lol. But yea, for some reason I've become interested in it again. So, what are your thoughts on this?

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    You are asking a board of members who wear diapers if you are too old to play Pokemon?!
    I'm not going to answer that ..

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    Yes, you're too old, didn't you know there was an age limit for video games?

    No, you're fine. If they keep making Pokemon Color Versions, I'll keep playing them (although they really need more things to do, and I don't mean more multiplayer). I think if you went to some Pokemon conventions, and you were older, it might be a little creepy

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    You're fine. It's pretty common to still play video games. In fact it's getting more and more common with time. It's easy to be a casual gamer, and they're drawing in more and more people really.

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    Dude your fine. I play Naruto The Broken Bond all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    Do you think it's weird for someone in their 20s to be playing a pokemon game?
    Only if you think it's weird for a person in their 40's to watch Care Bears in CBS Saturday mornings.

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    Pfft. Pokemon is too awesome to have any age restrictions.
    I love the DS. And I want a DSi soooo bad. @[email protected]

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    No one is to old to play pokemon especially people in their 20's the people in their 20's at this current moment was the original target audience. Without our pokemon obsession pokemon would of bellyfloped (no pun intended) thus no one else would of ever been able to play Pokemon, gold, ruby or diamond.

    35 buck's to play a game that last's 5 years however is a wonderful deal.

    oh I still play MASSIVE amounts of video games. There's pretty much a gaming system of some kind in each room of my house!

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    Lol, I'm 19, going on 20 years old, and I have 200+ hours in pokemon emerald. No, you're not too old. How dare you even THINK of such things? =P

    Even if your party is a bunch of cute little creatures, the game is still an RPG. So I mean, you don't think you're too old for say Final Fantasy are you? Exactly ;]

    So, go on out there, and be the very best, like noone ever was. XD

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