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Thread: Wow!.. Abena Vs. Depends

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    Default Wow!.. Abena Vs. Depends

    Well, well, well...

    Anyways, this is just a ranting post I suppose, so don't read if you don't like rants. :P. hehe.

    Well, I had bought a case of Abena X-plus's and I was in heaven when I first got them. So thick and nice. Eventually, by the third package, I was thinking how they should be thicker haha... I was taking them for granite. Then for some reason I thought to myself that they aren't that much thicker than depends. Well I ran out of my Abenas ... so I went and bought depends maximum fit overnight.

    Like WTF!?!?!? Haha. It literally feels as if you don't even have a diaper on... it is like just wearing a normal pair of underwear. Even double diapered does not compare to Abena X-plus. I shall never take Abena X-plus for granite again. That is what happens when you are spoiled. lol.

    But yea, there is such a huge is not even funny.


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    A factual statement. If you wear thick diapers all the time then get a thin one you're like "Where is it... is it even on?"

    Definately don't take the good ones for granted... I enjoy a diaper that feels like a diaper.

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    LOL, I went back and forth between the two as I was finishing a package of Depends Maximum. I totally agree with WolfCub on this one, even the Supers that I wear are noticeably better/thicker/etc then depends, course, we kind already know that... But now there's no question :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1234 View Post
    and here I was thinking I was the only one scratching my head at the OP.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've always liked granite. It makes for such nice coounter tops and flooring, hee hee.

    But seriously... Depends suck. Even the lesser Abenas (the Super, not the xplus) blow Depends out of the water.

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    Once you have used a quality diaper it's hard to go back to crappy ones.

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    never had quality ones myself , well tecnically i have ... the first diapers i ever used to wear was them attends by P&G :P

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    Abri-forms are my brand of choice Been using them for years and think they are the best, or at least the thickest. Also I trust abri-forms not to leak too, which is nice when out in public or on long car/train rides

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