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Thread: Anyone ever fight any addictions besides diapers

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    Default Anyone ever fight any addictions besides diapers

    i personally have fought with a tabacco addiction.

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    I smoked for way to long, but it has now been over three years since I smoked my last cigarette.

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    I am a total video game addict. I'm way to drawn into them, and when I leave the computer I feel much more down. I'm working on it though.

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    Wow this is a really touchy subject for me, but I will come clean. I have tried a lot of different bad things and ended up getting really addicted to one of them. I am on painkillers for a medical problem and am physically and mentally dependent on them. If I do not have them I go into a h***ish withdrawal for about a week. I won't lie it gives you a great feeling but it is not worth it. I also have a few other minor addictions that I do not want to say for privacy issues.

    On a good note I have a clean record and go to school full time!

    I am what you call a functional addict, but if you take what I need then I am worthless for a week or longer, unless I get what I need.

    So stay in school kids and don't do drugs!

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    Battled (past tense) Heroine and Weed.
    Battling (currently) Cigarettes and Caffeine

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    I have battled coke. I was addicted to coke but I stopped drinking it 3 years ago.

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    I was addicted to weed, for over a year. It got me kicked out of school for a bit. It was totally worthless, but I can't call it an "addiction." It was something I chose to do, once I smartened up, (which I admit, was hard) then I was fine, and I just had to patch things up.

    I quit smoking for a bit about a year and a half ago, but I started again. So, I do smoke, but I have no desire to quit. I also need coffee, but I have no desire to quit drinking that either.

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    i'm addicted to porn and i'm trying to ease myself off of cough syrup. they've been helping my mood swings but i'm trying to find out if there's a better, easier way out there.

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    Sugar! I'm so addicted to sugar... I can never find a good time to quit, and it's just sooo good!

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    I'm currently fighting an addiction.... an addiction to NANDO'S GRILLED PERI-PERI CHICKEN.

    My gawd, the chicken... the flavour... the spicyness... it all comes together in one incredible fusion of mouth-watering goodness.

    The problem? It's expensive. Very expensive. But you get such an incredible meal out of it, that you sort of justify it in your head that it's okay to spend quite a bit of money just for some chicken and chips.

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