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Thread: Tuck without tape!

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    Default Tuck without tape!

    Hi everyone! I want to shere with you with my new tutorial about tucking without tape. Hope you enjoy this!

    Here's the link

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    Can someone tell me if someone else expect me, use this method for everyday life?

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    That method would be partially effective.
    The problem to overcome is the female body generally has a "THIGH GAP" and nothing in that gap.
    The male however has no Thigh Gap thus forcing the penis into an area with little or no concealment area.
    It just does not appear to be all that natural and with extra muscular tissue seemingly less.
    True tucking should reveal a bit of open space between the legs so modifications must be entertained
    to create that voided space - otherwise it is like back to square one with that prominent bulge appendage !
    Trial and error - with jeans and a fly front it is easier to conceal - with fitted pull on pants shorts a leotard
    or a onesie thinking along the lines of a FLAT FRONT unless done right the awkward bulge will not be
    compressed enough and the question raised - what is that bulge and why is it there on this female ?
    Maybe a period pad liner or the alike. Changing from jeans to a skirt or dress is recommended to avoid
    the complexity of the battle of the (flat) bulge.
    The penis man must know the limitations of the fantasy that is sought.

    If wearing multiple diapers forcing the legs apart then wearing compression
    shorts (bike pants) this can create the flat front but it also creates the
    plump Michelin man effect - it is not a perfect world thus for the best result
    consider wearing a dress or "A" frame skirt to conceal the bulge and not worry about it.

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    In the dance world we use a dance belt. The XD world calls it a gaff. Either one seems to be a lot easier and a bit more comfortable than either tape or your makeshift methods.

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    Eh...that technique can work, but I personally prefer / need to use something that doesn't stretch through the crotch so that it actually pulls everything back and out of the way. I tried it with the same materials once as the tutorial just to give it a shot once, but it worked so badly for me I felt worse / more dysphoric because it's way too stretchy in all directions of the grain and just...shows too much ... shape ... D:

    What I do instead is pretty-much the same technique except that I use an athletic material that has stretch in one grain but not on the other perpendicular grain (like on common athletic shorts). I cut the material so that the stretch is in the direction of encircling the waist, but no stretch if pulled through the crotch (5x16 inches, stretch on the 5" side. Folded over and sewn together ends up being 5x8 inches).

    What this does is allows for enough stretch across the crotch to gather up everything sufficiently, and then the part that doesn't stretch pulls through the crotch front-to-back to actually tightly pull everything back. I also cut-out / re-purpose the waistbands from my male undies to hold it up, instead of using the waistband of the tights. Not planning to ever touch male clothing ever again, anyway. :/

    It works well-enough for me (even creates a thigh gap), and ultimately helps cope with my dysphoria a bit.
    Only issue I have atm is dealing with the waistband rolling up a bit where it inserts into the fabric loop. For jeans it works fine, but I wouldn't wear a swim suit with this kind of tuck.......then again, I'm personally not comfortable wearing any kind of swim suit, yet, anyway :P
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    OH PLEASE. All you need is a pair of full coverage panties (preferably satin) with Lycra. You will tuck much more effectively and STAY tucked until you remove them.
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