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    Thumbs up updating my page

    I was a member of diaperspace and dltown, and one of my friends told me about adisc. I like the forums and advice here, and how most of the people here (as I have seen) are real people, not just their AB personalities.
    I have some advice to dispense, and would like to learn new things about this lifestyle.
    I wear diapers for fun, and sometimes during work, as my job is sitting at a desk for hours on end taking calls. My wife knows and she enjoys diaper play too. I dont go crazy with it, I have a stash and I recently bought some cloth, but I do enjoy it after work. I recently spent an entire Saturday in nothing but diapers. that was fun.
    So enough of my ramblings, add me as a friend, I need some here.

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    Hello! Welcome to ADISC.

    I've recently joined Diaperspace. It seems like it isn't as bad as I made it out to be. >.> Damn. ^_^

    Just pulling from what you've mentioned and asking random questions now...

    Where do you work? / What do you do?
    (Can't think of any non-personal questions regarding your wife, so I'll let that be..)
    And about spending an entire Saturday only diapers.. That wasn't like, uber cold or anything?? I'd have been freezing!

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    Cool on your friend. I am curious: without naming any names, is he or she a member here? Or just familiar with the place? If you are comfortable saying, how did they describe ADISC - or did they simply say it exists?

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