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Thread: Games you have bought on Day 1 or soon after?

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    I never pay attention to reviews, and I find I often enjoy games that receive low scores. After all, reviews are just opinions, even if collective like metacritic. But I also have weird tastes in games compared to the mainstream gamers.

    I don't normally pre-order most games, but have been pretty faithful with getting a lot of NIS and Final Fantasy games day one or soon after. Same with the Tales series and Star Ocean. Others, I usually wait for pre-owned games, cause I've always been a thriftyhoof.

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    Well I haven't gone out for a midnight release of a game since the first Call of Duty:Black Ops I believe, that was a really good night.

    (Sorry if not a game, game console though)But I went to the midnight release for my Day One edition XBox One.
    Was pretty cool, lots of cops around to keep thefts from happening.
    The police told everyone "Don't hang around and talk, please take your purchases, return to your vehicles and leave."
    It was nice having them to keep an eye out, felt a little safer walking out with my Xbone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    What I seemed to have found out is it's less of getting bribed to give the game a certain score, like "give it a 10/10 and we will pay you $10,000", and more like favorable treatment and negatives not being included in reviews.

    So more or less the scores seem to stand as fair, but their treatment with certain games is a bit unfair, but it also seems to be pretty standard in the video game industry to favor companies that pay extra money and give them better treatment.
    It's not quite so explicit as "Here's $15 mil, give Title Q at least a 8.5." No, it's more things like "You rated Title H a 6.0. On an unrelated note, we've had to cancel your trip to see Title Z in pre-production and we're revoking your release to publish the data we previously provided. Oh, also, your reservation for the Title W pre-release party was canceled."

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    So I guess a site like Metacritic would be more fair and reliable, as it's based on average score of a ton of different reviewers?
    Depends on the reliability of the underlying data: if most of the reviews are from publications that are being implicitly extorted for better scores, then no, it's not more reliable.

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