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Thread: Rears sarfi diapers

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    They are ok. The worst problem with them is that if you wear them too snug, the tapes will pull off of the wing.
    I've only had that problem from time to time with a few diapers I've tried over the years. Bambino, DC Amore Kitten, and Totaldry Plus specifically. (and they're all the same base model, probably using the same tapes) Outside those, tapes pulling away from the back wings is very rare for me to see.

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    My Rearz Spoiled are also having taping issues. I put them on for bed and if they are dry next morning I carefully remove the tapes and place them back on the plastic area they came on new. Next night when I try to tape them on the tapes aren't sticky enough and pop off frequently or don't hold at all. I put a plastic cover over them and hope for the best.

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    Rearz really are one of the top 3 diapers on the market, although my enjoyment of them has waned a bit over time. While find them to be decently comfy and I love their base thickness and capacity, I think their price point is a bit much, the outer plastic doesn't really feel much like a diaper and their print designs could use some work. This is a go to if I want to be clad in something very bulky and crinkly and even then other diapers are a much cheaper option and just as bulky with a stuffer.

    I haven't really had the taping issues others have mentioned with them though, I have had the occasional sizing issue, however, that can be par for the course as far as I'm concerned, I land right between sizes on most diapers, Rearz included.

    But yeah, you made a good choice. If you want a thick diaper that can perform Rearz are great. I enjoy my ABU brands and Bambinos as well.

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    My order comes today and I can't wait to try them on and let you know

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    I tried them last night. I love how it doesn't smell after peeing . my rebel do smell of pee. It holds the same urine but very close the same as a rebel diaper.

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