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    Default Thanks for the add :)

    Hello my "name" is ESPF At least for now

    Ummm. What to say about myself? I'm an Over-The-Hill transwoman, and a lesbian. (22 years on HRT now and living full time as myself.) I know a LOT of transwomen say they are lesbian when they first come out and start transition... And after a couple years they're "Bi"... and then there str8 and looking for a man. But some how I seem to have missed all that part of transition. I've never felt the need for a man in my life. He|| I didn't want the one I had. WHY would i want yours?"
    I love to ride my 18speed in the summers. I do about 5 miles ever other day as long as the weather holds up.
    And I'm a total Science Fiction Geek. Sooo... Anyone that doesn't know who Roddenberry, AC Clark and Niven are... I have an EXTENSIVE collection of all things TREK. I started collecting it all back in `66 when Trek first premiered. (As I said I'm over-the-hill.)
    AND my sense of hummer is filthy. Some how I've concluded half this planet's population is a bunch of "strait" men, looking for a punch line.
    I work "in the medical field" hear in town.
    I'm presently living ALMOST alone now. Except for my cat that helps to keep me sane, and loves me. <3
    I LOVE all things "girly". I love wearing pink lace bras and Nylon stockings, skirts & silk/satin/lace tops and heels & wearing makeup. But most of all I like to wear thick cotton diapers and pink plastic panties under my skirts.
    And... What else? Hobbies, sense of hummer, Employment, My cat...
    Ohhh! And I'm an ABDL. I've worn diapers on-and-off sense i was... Ten... ish? And as of three weeks ago now I'm back in them FULL TIME I've tossed out ALL of my "Big girl panties" and am even wearing diapers to work now under my scrubs. And I love it AND For the last 4 days in a row now, I've woke up in a WET diaper with zero idea when it happened.
    I'm even redecorating my bedroom in a Disney Frozen motif. (I just hung the new drapes this afternoon.)
    Number fore) what am I looking for out of this sight? Hmmm? Well... For a start, I suppose friendship and camaraderie for a start?
    And I know that I'm not SUPOSED to say anything about meet ups. But... Possibly a roommate to share household expenses? This is a TWO BEDROOM apartment and as I've said already, "It's just me and the cat for now."
    Maybe an ABDL GF to hang with/LTR eventfully? For the right person I'd even consider adjusting my HRT for an ANR. (The Idea of all that cuddling really appeals to me in all honesty.)
    Well, Hope I haven't broken to many rules her,
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    Hello ESPF And Welcome to the group.

    Very nice and informative introduction.


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