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Thread: Throwing away underwear

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    [QUOTE=Spaz;1517744]I've been 24/7 for over 14 yrs and still have stretchy boxer briefs because I sometimes wear them over a pull-up when exercising. They keep the pull-up in place. However, I haven't worn them in months and just the other day I was going through my clothes to get rid of things I don't wear and saw them. I'll keep them for that purpose only. I guess I do hope I could wear them one day without a diaper, but I know the chances of that happening are close to zero.[/QUOTE

    When the Dr told me I would be dealing with incontinence for the rest of my life a couple of months I struggled with the idea that diapers were my new underwear. I thought for a while well maybe some day I’ll get to wear them again. Finally I just said enough time to move on. To be honest not having the temptation of seeing them helps solidify diapers are it. I have no other types of underwear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehorton View Post
    As I have worked through accepting incontinence Iíve come to a point where Iím throwing away all my underwear that hasnít been worn in 7 months. It just frustrates me every time I see it sitting in my closet next to my diapers. Diapers are my new underwear not by choice but rather need. Big step psychology for me.
    Well since your most likely never going to need underwear again, It's probably best to just chuck them out. *hugs*

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    I too have thrown out all my "normal" underwear. Being bladder incontinent for 11+ years now, diapers are the only type of underwear that I have other than my diaper covers/pants.

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    I've recently decided to stop using regular underwear over my diapers and just wear them directly under my pants. They actually stay in place just fine if you don't move around too much or readjust the tapes.

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    I kept my underwear even though I also wear diapers 24/7 because of need. I put a pair of boxer shorts or tight underwear over my diaper when I'm wearing a disposable and it helps keep my diapers in place. If I'm wearing one of my reusable Paw Patrol themed cloth diapers; I can usually wear those alone without a cover.

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    I kept all my underwear because i still wear it over my diaper to prevent sagging and loose tapes, i think if i could afford some decent onsies i would ditch all my undies in favor of said onsie!

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    I've thrown away all my old loose-fitting boxers (I never really liked them anyway) but I keep snug-fitting boxer-briefs to wear over my diapers. It prevents sagging and rustling. Like the poster above me, I would rather wear onesies but when the onesies are £30 each and the boxer-briefs are £7 for three, it's no contest.

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    Tossed out all underwear years ago when I started to need to wear diapers 24/7. Did not need them anymore so why keep them.

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    I've always been incontinent so I've always worn nappies. I have always worn normal underwear ok top though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonnie View Post
    Tossed out all underwear years ago when I started to need to wear diapers 24/7. Did not need them any more so why keep them.
    I found all my normal underwear in the rag bin one day. My wife just said well you might as well clean your motor bike with them as you will never be wearing them again will you.

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