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Thread: Bullyed / Picked on...was you ?

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    Default Bullyed / Picked on...was you ?

    Just wondering on how many people was bullyed and pickon at school / work ? and may have cause this to want you be a baby/toddler again where you make you feel safe..

    Myself yes I was bullyed in all my life due to wearing glasses and was being called names and people starting make fun of me from school to work and find it very hard. now being a little older that it was nice for me when I was young as a toddler where it was much safer for me and to cuddle next to a teddy bear

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    I was picked on by some people, but none of that ever impacted be being a TB/AB.

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    Might as well share my story : )

    When I was in elementary school, I was picked on because I was shy and because I was a little "chunky." I was not exactly a pleasant time in my life, but yet I dealed with it. It didn't stop until the last years of middle school, and it really never happened again.

    During that time, I never really used diapers and the like for stress relief, but I could see how it can help. It wasn't until after middle school that those feelings developed (for me at least). There might be a correlation between the two, and your reason to wanting to be a toddler "might" be because of you being bullied. What do you think? Do you think being bullied made you a TB?

    One of thing I would say is that you are not alone. I'm sure many of us have been bullied before, and we all know how it feels. Just remember to feel good about yourself and to have self confidence : )


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    My whole life I've been picked on, mostly because of my weight. School, around my neighborhood, online, you name it. School wasn't so bad though, because I had a bunch of friends that would hurt anyone who upset me. Around my neighborhood was ok as well because there was only one or two people who bugged me. I think the only one that I would ever consider 'worst' is online, yet online bullying is just stupid, and I never cared about it. But none of it ever was apart of me being a *b.

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    Yes I was picked on because I was Fat, but I had to protect myself so I did, I was never bothered after that.

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    Right, I was in sort of a strange situation when I was about 8-12. When I was 8 I was in a decent class, but then my school merged with another school and all classes were sort of shuffled around. This sadly meant I ended up in another class than the majority of my friends, and instead ended up with a lot of assholes. I ended up being bullied quite a lot by my new class mates. I still spoke with most of the kids I used to though, and, thankfully, they were quite supportive and helpful. I have no idea where I'd be without those people. With time I got more confident (largely due to aforementioned people) and the assholes seemed to lose interest in bullying me.

    Did this trigger my AB fetish? I really doubt it. I had never thought about *B/DL stuff during this period, and didn't for many years to come. However, I know this period had a great impact on my personality and life, both negatively and possitively. I suppose there's some connection, but I don't think there's any direct link between the two.
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    i was bullied alot in shool when i was 8-9 grade but i liked first time when i was in 6-7 grade and after that i lost interest in diaper until i got 18years old

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    During primary school I was bullied a lot. This definitely contributed to my shyness in RL, and probably a bit of why I kept my teddy. However, my TBism didn't start until a while after this stopped so it's probably unrelated

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    I was picked on for two great childhood sins: being smart and chubby. It didn't help that I kept my disdain for most of those around me barely hidden under the surface. I discovered in eigth grade that if I picked on someone else (which started as retaliation), others picked on me less. I regret having done that.

    It stopped when I went to high school. It was a private school, so the only two peope I knew before hand from my school were in a similar situation. Chubby in high schools translates into wrestling team and shot putting, and we valued intelligence above all else. I went from unpopular in middle school to one of the most pouplar in high school.

    None of it had any effect on my desire to wear diapers and act like a baby, which pre-dates my entry into kindergarten by a good two or three years.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd have to say that my dad was the most persistand and hurtful bully in my life when I was growing up. I had poor eyesight and a really bad speech impediment when I was young (the speech impediment went away in my early 20s, oddly enough). But my dad never missed an opportunity to ridicule and shame me.

    Of course, being clumsy, speaking poorly, and having to wear really thick glasses made me a bullly magnet at school too. But somehow the bullying I got at school was more tolerable than what I got at home. Dad made the insults and shaming more personal somehow.

    Of course, he was an abuser in many senses of the word (if someone started a thread called "Are you a child abuse survivor?" I could practically write a three-volume set about my dad. Yeah, he sucked.

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