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    Default First Quality?

    Have any of you ever tried this brand? For what I have avalible to me(Depends, Tena, Wal-Mart brand, and off brands) These are the best diapers i have ever tried. They hold roughly 2-2 3/4 bladders full. Nice and thick, lots and lots of padding rapping into the wings. Plus they are really cheap 16 diapers for $9. They hold a lot of mess too.

    What is all of your experiences with this diaper brand?

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    These are GREAT. Cheap, thick, nice plastic, quite baby like. I wear these regularly and enjoy them. Enjoy...

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    Pros: Cheap. Babyish. Comfortable.
    Cons: Leaky (No leg gathers). Only 2 tapes. Thin.

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    Too square. Not enough length in the middle so the bottom tapes come below my hips, and they leak.

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    First Quality = Medical Quality. Avoid avoid avoid avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puffybottom View Post
    Cheap, thick, nice plastic, quite baby like.
    I think in the past these were plastic, but their website says their briefs have a cloth-like backing. Ew

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    First quality makes nearly a dozen different lines of adult diapers. I have tried a few of them. Some i like, some I don't.

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    hmm...well, the ones that I buy are plastic backed. And true the missing of leak guards do suck.

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    Several of the medical supply stores near me sell the basic First Quality plastic backed ones. The mediums are full-mat, white and have no funky printing on them. I've used them many times in the past ten years, usually as a fill-in diaper while I waited on my regular diapers to arrive in a shipment. They are adequate, but not very absorbent and prone to leaking. However, I would take them over a Depends any day. Interestingly, Sam's Club used to sell their own brand of adult diaper that was very similar to the First Quality, but it had better absorbency. I bought those regularly until they changed over to the cloth-like backing.

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