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Thread: hello from N.J.

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    Default hello from N.J.

    hey guys,
    i quit my ab/dl activities for a few months and eventually broke back into the cylce. I went to my favorite site to find the unthinkable the server being erased and what not, anyways i re made a profile and and now back to being a part of the community.

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    Welcome back !!

    You're rejoining a very vibrant community, much more active than the old one you remember. Keep coming back and enjoy yourself here...

    And you're from New Jersey ! Lots of your state-mates have joined this new board. I'm a nearby neighbor, and I say Welcome back too.

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    Wow, another New Jerseyer, this is getting weird. Anyway, welcome to the forum. Look around, post some, and have fun!Lots of things to do here, so make yourself comfortable!


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    I do not think I remember you from the previous site, but nice to meet you! Welcome back to the site, I hope to see you around!

    Yes there are a lot of new jersey people up here. I would say that close to half if not more of our memeber population right now is all from east coast of US.

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    THANK YOU ALL for the warm welcome back and i can see already that this site is A LOT more active congrats on the improvements.

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    Welcome back to the Cycle!!

    Im also live in Jersey, although i dont like to admit they say here, "Come see it for yourself" lol

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    So 4 kids are from NJ. I am somewhat near the south NJ. I think I live near Full Metal because we got our pampers at the same shoprite i think.

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    make that 5 from nj.
    im right in central jersey just outside trenton, not too far from anyone, so it seems.

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