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Thread: Peeing more often with diapers on?

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    Default Peeing more often with diapers on?

    I've been wondering.

    When I was in high school and before, and couldn't wear at will, I used to pee only a few times each day, like 4-5 times (I think), unless I tanked up.

    Now, with the freedom of college, I wear almost every day. And since I like to use diapers, I pee whenever I feel like it. And now it seems like I pee many times each day--like lots some days, diapered or not.

    So my question: Anyone else notice this? Do you think your bladder gets smaller when you start using diapers? Are you more attuned to your bladder status?

    (No, I'm not diabetic.)

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    It's something I noticed too when I was padded for long periods while visiting my boyfriend last year. I think it's just because you don't have to find a bathroom, or hold it until the urge subsides that it feels you go more often. I'm pretty sure it's still the same amount you go, just in smaller and more frequent wettings.

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    I noticed that too, when I wore. I wet several times at night, but now, I might only go once or twice.

    I agree with Mako. I think when you're wearing, you let go whenever you feel the urge to, but when you're not, you wait until you can find a bathroom. (Obviously.)

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think you'll find if you don't wear diapers for a few weeks, your body's schedule will return to what it had been before. People don't really become incontinent from wearing diapers. What actually happens is that one's holding capacity decreases somewhat after wearing diapers for an extended period of time. But that's not incontinence. (Glad for that!)

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    It depends on the use you make of your diapers.

    If you pee in them the way you'd normally pee in a toilet, you aren't gonna feel that much difference in the frequency you need to go when undiapered.

    If, as you do, you use diapers like they're meant to be used (wetting in small amounts but continuously, keeping your bladder always empty) after some time you'll get way more sensitive about your bladder status and, although maybe it has just reached a small percentage of its capacity, you'll feel the stimulus to go.

    It's what has happened to me lately: it's not like my bladder holds less than before, or that I have problems holding it in (I don't wear 24/7). But the alarm in my head goes off way earlier than it used to do before and, consequently, I go potty more often. Ten years ago I could stay half a day without seeing a toilet and not even thinking about it. Nowadays, if you're visiting a new place with me, and want to know where the toilets are, ask me, I'll probably have already visited them before you know...

    Of course this is bond to become a sort of vicious (or virtuous, depending on how you consider it ) cycle:

    you wear and use diapers more often --> you increase your bladder sensitivity by having it always empty --> you feel more often the stimulus to go --> you eventually decide that diapers are useful for some situations (i.e. bedtime) where you don't want to feel the need to go to the toilet continuosly --> you wear diapers even more often than before --> cycle starts again....

    And it happens for #2 too...

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    Although I started wearing cloth diapers every night when I was 12, I never wore a disposable until the month before I left for university. Somehow I managed to stay dry the entire flight from Los Angeles to Newark. Proud of myself I used a toilet after landing. I noticed my disposable was sweaty so I changed for the long bus ride to my dorm. The next day I decided to wear a disposable under my dress to a welcome kegger. From then on I got bolder wearing a disposable even when I was acting like a responsible person.

    My final year of pre-law many lectures and moot courts ran far longer than 55 minutes, so I would wear a diaper to those. I got used to wetting when I felt the need. What I discovered during the summer between graduating pre-law and starting law school was I had hardly any bladder control. My urologists believe that was the natural continuation of the medical issed which had caused me to revert to bedwetting.

    Honestly I do not know. For several years if I really concentrated and did not drink anything after lunch I could manage to hold back wetting for a couple of hours in the early evening. Eventually for me that became impossible. Again my urologists told me in the long-term it was healthier for me to drink appropriate amounts of water even if that caused me to need another diaper change.

    It is my urologists who spent so many years in school and residency, so I pay attention to their opinions. Since I am incontinent it well could be simply wearing diapers will not turn anyone else into an incontinent.

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    I haven't really ever paid much attention, to be honest. I don't wear diapers everyday though...two or three times a week tops, so i'm not as "conditioned" to diaper wearing as most of you apparently are.

    I have a pretty big bladder and could easily go all day without peeing if i'm away from home. I have noticed that my bladder does relax somewhat when i'm diapered, but its right back to normal when the diaper comes off.....

    I think your right about us being more attuned to our bladders. Wearing and using diapers comfortably does take some conditioning......Guess we just become more aware of whats happening down there as a result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quattrus View Post
    after some time you'll get way more sensitive about your bladder status and, although maybe it has just reached a small percentage of its capacity, you'll feel the stimulus to go.
    I feel like this is a good description of how I feel. My bladder is a tank - still, even, after diapers - but I'm a lot more aware when I *could* go, not necessarily *need* to go.

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    Yes I peed more often with diapers on and they weren't all heavy wettings. Now my bladder is so used to being empty I feel I have to go all the time. I prefer diapers so I don't have to keep getting up. But sometimes my bladder keeps me up all night because I can't pee laying down so I keep getting up to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    . . . .But sometimes my bladder keeps me up all night . . . . .
    That's one thing I haven't noticed, thank God. I can sleep through the night and not be bothered.

    But sit through an hour's lecture undiapered, and I have to hit the restroom at the end.


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