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Thread: Hello, everybody. I'm new around here and from the UK. ^_^

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    Default Hello, everybody. I'm new around here and from the UK. ^_^

    Hey, all. I'm Tyrlova and like the title says I'm new around here. My life pretty much revolves around my computer and I like it that way.

    I have had a bit of trouble with trying to swallow down a nappy fetish (I like starting dieting trends, what can I say?)

    (due to family and social complications, I'm starting college soon and my parents would freak if they found out. I am under 18) I heard about this site, took a look at it and decided to join.

    My hobbies and interests include:

    3D Modelling and Game Development
    Fanboying over American Mcgee's Alice
    Surreal Art
    Things generally bizarre or strange.
    Classic Disney!! <3
    World of Warcraft (Azuremyst EU), level 9 rogue.

    Most importantly, this:

    Sorry if my introduction sounds a little rubbish. I'm a little lost as to what to say for my introduction.
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    Everyone gets a bit lost at what to say for an introduction, But the truly great manage to lose everyone else in their introduction. But, you should feel free to post around, get to know people, mingle, if you're curious about stuff feel free to check out the wiki here. You'll find us here as a support community, and although paraphernalic infantilism is what brings us here, you'll find that there's a myriad of reasons why each person would stay, or go, but the main thing is, we communicate with each other. Although, I know, for some it takes time to open up, for others, it takes the right people.

    Be yourself, Be awesome,
    Uncle Toad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrlova View Post
    I have had a bit of trouble with trying to swallow down a nappy fetish
    You have a fetish for trying to swallow down nappies? Well...I can see why you'd have trouble with that. Can't be good for the digestion.

    Anyhoo, welcome aboard. Your intro was just dandy and you're among like-minded folk so pull up a seat, relax and enjoy your stay on the good ship ADISC.

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    Good to see that your going to college, do it while it's still free! What are you studying?
    I did Maths, Physics and Chemistry for my A levels.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Tyrlova!

    Will you be going to university eventually?

    Best wishes, Angela

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    Well, I've spent my whole programming school career at special-ed, but hopefully I'll be doing an IT course, I'm also doing a two-year course called Train2Game.

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    sounds good. i saw you on IRC today and you seem like a really neat guy. hope to see you around the forums too.

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    Hey! Here's a new game: think of anything at all you would like to talk about,

    some video game, or computer issue?
    model rockets?
    Afghani-Pakistani diplomatic relations and trade agreements?
    How do I become a regular or use a certain feature, like what does an icon mean?
    How the heck does someone get to 6 rep in 14 posts, while still a newbie?


    - And I will locate a thread that talks about it or find an expert who has the answers you seek or someone into chatting with you about 67 Mustangs, the care and maintenance of plastic pants, how the rep system works, good memes and bad memes, - whatever takes your fancy.

    And I can even tell you how you yourself can locate the goodies hidden in out of the way spots on ADISC!!

    And not only me, but anyone should feel encouraged to help out with this guy's queries: EVEN FELLOW-NEWBIES!!

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