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    Default Happy Sunday

    Happy Sunday.

    Like the Pioneer engraving, this post is a greeting and well-wishing sent adrift in the vastness of our community with a small nudge. There is no specific destination; the message is its own target and is idiototemic.

    So - enjoy the day, get outside if the weather is nice, spend time with family and friends, and take the day to slow down and breathe for a bit. Or read under a tree. Or just sit and watch ants in the grass.

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    Ha ha, here I am at 6:45 reading this in the early morning. I will be going off to work but shall return at 1:00. Then I will relax for a while. After that, chores await so that I can off to work on Monday. At least Sunday isn't Monday!

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    I'd sit and watch ants in the grass... however the only ants in my yard are fire ants so I'll have to decline on that.

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    I'll try to do as you suggest, as it is my birthday today!

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    Happy Birthday.

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    Hmm...It's raining, I'm still sick, I woke up a lot last night...Yeah...Raining isn't so bad though, I like the rain :3

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    Greetings, H3g3l, and happy...Monday?... to you now.

    Although I read your post a bit late, I did use my Sunday for some of the things you listed. Then I spent 7 hours writing.

    Not very fun, but it feels good to get it out of the way. Sunday well spent. I hope it went as well for everyone else.

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    I rode my bike! The weather's finally nice enough I can get my daily cardio and see the sights at the same time!

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    This engraving?... Naughty naughty H3g3l saying "Pioneer engraving" without link or example. Minus 5%.

    *giggle* he said "idiototemic"

    you get the 5% back

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