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Thread: From XP Home to PCLinuxOS

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    Default From XP Home to PCLinuxOS

    Well on my laptop I went from Windows XP Home to Linux. I would have to say that so far i like this version of Linux it is super easy.

    Now on my desktop I am going from XP Home to XP Media Center Edition, mainly because of my xbox.

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    why not just download a copy of vista or windows 7 and use that :_)

    afaik vista should be able to recognize your x360 when it sees it coming online :_)

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    I've long wanted to get into Linux; somehow, I just never made the jump. I know it's vastly superior in some ways, but I worry about some compatibility issues and my inability to get it up and running. They would make me sad.

    When I have the money, maybe I'll buy a third computer and make it a Linux machine. So I still have my Windows machine just in case.

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    Try a live CD! you don't have to worry about losing any data and you can see what kind of support your hardware will have. But i wouldn't worry about hardware, linux supports more hardware out of the box than windows and unless you have some very strange gadgets, linux should do fine. I'd suggest starting with Linux MInt, i think it is the best distro for new users.
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