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Thread: my 1st thread

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    Default my 1st thread

    hia this is my 1st time posting anyffin i guess i dont kno that many ppl here so i wanna get to kno sum of u here so idk if any1 else is new here or doesnt have that many friends here plz msg me sumtime if u want thx

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    Default Hello!

    Hi IDFC,

    Welcome to ADISC. Feel free to open up: we don't bite. Well, I suppose some of us do, and babyfurs can have some impressive milkteeth. Anyway, forget about that. We are mostly nice people. We are also reasonably discrete, with leaks actively prevented. Well, I suppose that some of us enjoy leaks, but the other kind of leak. Errr.. forget about that too.

    Would you like to tell us a little about yourself? What do you do for fun? What bands do you like? What is your favorite kind of diaper? It is okay - there aren't any wrong answers.

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    Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy it here!

    Although just a friend piece of advice, is to not type in chat form with abbreviations and such. This is a forum not a chat, so you have plenty of time to type what you need to, just relax and take your time, no rush. Plus if you keep doing it, its going to get on my nerves and many other members nerves I am sure, we have had a topic on this. It is okay if you want to abbreviate some things like lol or ab/tb/dl and stuff like that but please just do not over kill it. Thanks! Hope to see you around!

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    You risk being pounced by punctuation Nazis, the spelling police and the grammar cops.

    You'll get to know us in time... *huggles idfc * we are a friendly bunch. Welcome to the funnzest corner of da webz. As to the "other kind of leak" mentioned by Bittergrey:

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    Hello and welcome back! (I remember you from the old site).

    Just dive head first into the conversations (wear a helmet though ) and just post in some threads that you think are worthwhile. It's the easiest way to make yourself acquainted with the other people, and if you want any live conversation, try the chat room (IRC or Flashchat).


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