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    Hi, I need some input so I know how crinkly some of my future diapers will be so i know what to look for both still with parents at a pharmacy or online or a med supply store.

    I could use your input for:

    Attends (old and new styles of Waistband, classic 10, old style 4 tape, Ez fit tapes)






    Secure Premium, Secure Plus, and Secure X Plus

    Tranquility ATN, Select, and Slimline

    Any other input on brands not listed is welcome.

    Again this is just so I know what to look for, suggestions for purchases, if you will.

    scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the quietest, and 10 being the loudest.

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    Bambino - crinkly! Could hear them easily when I walked in them, and that was with a pair of boxer-briefs and cargo pants over the top.

    Molicare - They make some sounds, but nothing really noticeable. I've worn them around other people before and no one was none the wiser.

    Depends - Haven't worn them in a long while, but from what I remember they are crinkly if you don't wear anything over them. Otherwise I think their sound can be muffled quite easily.

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    Since, other than Bambino, all of the products you've listed are designed for incontinent adults who value discretion, I think you'll be disappointed in the 'crinkle value' of most (if not all) adult diapers.

    The idea when making adult diapers is to create a product that is absorbant, non-leaking, and discreet! That's why the plastic on the outside of a diaper is not the same as a plastic shopping bag. It's also why so many companies are switching over to the 'fabric' on the outside.

    You will also find that the majority of diapers, even those professed to be 'crinkly' will be muffled by clothing, and external sounds (ie people talking, traffic, nature sounds, etc). Even in a library there's enough noise to muffle the sound of a diaper (I know, I've been there, and no one looked at me oddly).

    People are not going to be looking around saying "Where's that crinkling noise coming from?"

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

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    Abenas are pretty crinkly, but the waddle is more likely to give you away. Nothing a pair of wind breakers doesn't hide though. I've actually got a Depend on right now under some sweats (Goodnite as a soaker...trying to get rid of my stash of diapers so I can buy some new ones). My mom just got home, and I'm fine walking around getting food etc.

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    Brands that have not yet yet switched to cloth yet and hopefully will continue their good ways:




    Wellness Brief (I think they still are)


    Secure Care Series


    Just a reminder.

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    It's also why so many companies are switching over to the 'fabric' on the outside.

    Tranq is good for crinkle, if your listening for it, its fairly noticeable with jeans, you can hear it, but no one would ask about it, they'd just think its something in your pocket. Not loud enough for them to think its a diaper or something IMO.

    If I remember correctly which I might not, its better with teh crinkle when its wet.

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    I found my Bambinos are more crinkly when I roll them up and flatten them out a few times. They are pretty compressed for packaging purposes, but once you get the lining fluffed up and air between the plastic and padding, they are much more crinkly!

    Attends Classic and Waistband style are pretty crinkly too

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    I've got some ATN's and they're reasonably crinkly, kinda noticeable even under jeans.

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    Depends are pretty good not making any noise, I use them in the day for school and such, even though everyone knows I wear, I still don't want to sound like I have a grocery bag under my pants.....

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