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Thread: Novelty wears off

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    Default Novelty wears off

    I don't know if this happens to everyone but it's weird because for the past few years I've been dying to get my hands on some real diapers such as Abena's or such but never had the chance to so always used homemade towel ones. But now after a few times of wearing them the novelty and thrill of it has practically vanished down to zero, it's like that 'Mana bar' on the side of your RPG game that after so many spell casts you gotta wait for it to regen, lol.

    I know there's the 'binge/purge' cycle but this is completely different. In the excitement I can see how some can justify wanting to be perm. incontinent but after the rush is over I think they'd think differently.

    Just wanted to see if that's how all of are, the longer you wait the better it seems and after you've had it a few times the thrill is over.

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    This is true for most of us, I suspect.

    Like hunger, many urges can be satisfied for a time. They will go away and then come back later. This is one component of binge-purge cycles, but without the guilt and negative self-image, it isn't damaging.

    There is also a long-term change, called habituation. Basically, almost everything will grow old after a while. This is true of many things that AB/DLs fantasize about. The only risk of habituation is that AB/DLs will try increasingly extreme things to preserve the sense of newness. Some of these more extreme things won't be completely safe.

    This doesn't mean that we'll stop enjoying diapers after a while. Desires return, but novelty doesn't.

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    Yeah I never got a chance(except once) to ever use 'real' diapers, just 'wonderful' towel ones which I couldn't use either(not that I would use a towel), but to this I say, thank god(bob?) that this forum has an off-topic section, I do lose the interest almost monthly but it comes back fairly quickly.

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    there was a time when the very thought of wearing an actual diaper was very very exciting to me. now that i have the opportunity to wear them several times a week it's really not much of a big deal at all.

    but what replaces the excitement is a quiet sense of comfort and coziness. i still really enjoy wearing diapers when i get the chance. i can easily forget for a while that i even have one on, but that doesn't mean it's not time well spent.

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    Yeah it's like anything else. I bought some cracker-bread yesterday, and was looking forward to getting home and eating some. Now there's some left in the cupboard, I might have some, I might wait a while... it doesn't matter, it's not as exciting any more.

    I could wear diapers much more often than I do, but I don't because if it becomes a routine thing it gets boring. If you miss the thrill of them, go without them for a few months.

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    If you wear too often... the thrill will diminish... you just get used to them and they don't seem so special. Take a few days/weeks off... and try it again.

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    Yep, same with me, but mine last much longer. I like to wet my pants, (just as much as diapers) and I'd say both of those come about once every six months. I will indulge myself for about a week, then I'm through.

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    I always take a brake form wearing, when it got cold I didn't want the extra laundry, so I stopped for awhile, now I'm back to almost everday,

    I do the same thing with cars, I want it soo bad and after I get it, I drive it and then just put it away, untill I sell it.

    I have 2, I wouldn't mind selling now one has 2200 miles on it, and the other I bought with 12K on it and it now has 14K after 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Yep, same with me, but mine last much longer. I like to wet my pants, (just as much as diapers) and I'd say both of those come about once every six months. I will indulge myself for about a week, then I'm through.
    I had wondered how many pants-wetters we had here.

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    I did so near the beginning of January. I order a bunch of sample packs form XP medical, and I ripped through about 10 or 11 of them in 3 days striaght, I don't think boxers touched my body except for school.

    Close to a month ago, all my supply, save a 40 bag of Molicare Regular, was gone, and I told my friend to make sure I didn't tear through it. Now I ask her if I can wear one or not, and she'll usually say no unless I give a good reason. Having the restrictions help me keep the thrill, and the comfort levels I get from them. And completely tearing through the bag xD

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