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Thread: Hello again, ADISC!

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    Default Hello again, ADISC!

    Evening all.

    Amidst an apparent flurry of exits (well, I suppose 3 or 4 isn't really a flurry but then again I'm not actually sure what the technical definition of a 'flurry' really is...hmm) how about a re-introduction of sorts? I never purposefully left as such but just wasn't able to come on here for quite a while for one reason or other and I don't know if I'll be at all memorable to most people but here I am nonetheless. It's been a while and I'm sure you've got on just fine without me but I should be able to pop my head in with more regularity now.

    So...that's all, really. Carry on.

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    Welcome back! You have chosen a wonderful time to tune back in, it can only get better from here. It has been a while since I saw you around, good to see you again!

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    I always loved reading your posts, especially in the political threads. Welcome back.

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    Hey there Jaiden. Nice to see good members returning considering the current drama. I must say I had noticed your absence, and it wasn't nice. I look forward to seeing your posts around ADISC again.

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    Welcome back Jaiden! I'm glad to see you back, especially with the number of members that seem to be losing interest in ADISC lately.

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