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Thread: Telling S/O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Significant Other, eg, wife, husband, shack-up.
    Got it. Us non-native English/American donít necessarily know such abbreviation n, thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    NO! Stay away from the kinks talk. When you lump being dl in with kinks you are miss-categorizing what diapers really mean to a dl. And come on Ryan2127, who the heck still believes the DL desire will EVER fade with time? That is just SO wrong. And IF anyone believes their SO knowing about this part of who we are can jeopardize that relationship, then clearly they're in the wrong relationship. No matter how much you may love someone, if they can't even accept the whole you then they clearly do not reciprocate that love.

    SnowedIn, Take the time needed to FULLY research what diapers mean to you individually. It does help to write your findings down too. You don't have to read that out loud to your SO, just have it as a means of gathering your thoughts. Alternatively you can approach it as a letter to your SO, explaining everything in detail. Just be there when they read it. Letters do not convey emotion, nor do they allow for immediate feedback on questions.

    Lastly, know you ARE taking the right approach to telling her- before you get married. She has every right to know the full you before making that kind of commitment to you. And if successful in getting her to understand, it will be a huge stress reliever for you and means for her to understand how much you trust and love here. A real win-win if ever.

    First, pick a time when neither of you have anything to do, or anywhere to go. Start off with telling her you have something really important and serious to tell her. That it's a deep down part of your inner most desires. And that by telling here this, you are opening up a very vulnerable part to her. This is why you haven't brought it up yet. Also, at some point make sure she understands that you have fought with these desires for a really long time, and it just isn't something that is going to go away.
    Well, I dont know his full story. I mainly meant, that maybe he wont feel the need to ever tell her. It could be something he enjoys just thinking about and wearing once in a blue moon etc In my opinion, if he feels that telling her would ruin everything, I would say hold off...for now anyways. A 2.5 year relationship is an investment but isnt THAT long. Assuming there fairly young, she very well could call it quits and find someone else with no hard feelings. I think its important to take note of how happy she is with him. If she(So) seems to be satisfied, it may work, if the waters are already unsteady between them, it may be enough to break the chain...So I think giving it some time and some serious thought might be wise. Anyways good luck op

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    Not sure if I'm too late to the game, but there's a podcast specifically centered around this topic you might want to check out. Been going on for quite some time, so you may want to cherry-pick the ones that best match what you need. Check it out:

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