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Thread: Farewell folks!

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    Default Farewell folks!

    Well, I think I'm on my way out as well. I may lurk once in a while, but I'm out. I just don't like how this place has become. I don't post a whole lot to begin with anyway. May be for good, not sure yet. Either way, later everyone.

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    Well Bye and I can't blame you....I'd been thinking about leaving too until this place get back to normal.

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    i think a lot of people are leaving, and i don't blame them. some of the thing that have been happening on this site lately are pretty depressing.

    take care zyph, and keep in touch. i'll miss you.

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    Well I do have to say it's a shame to see you go, we've had some pretty good talks/discussions on IRC. But I guess when you feel you need to go, it's best to do what you think is best. Take care in all you do, I wish ya nothing but the best =]

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    Beats me why people feel the need to leave rather than to help improving the site. If this place means so much to you the way it was before, or the way it could be, why do you just drop it like a hot potato rather than taking the time to make it better?


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    No! I'm sad to hear that. Well, I hope you'll visit sometime.

    I'm glad I knew you on here.

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    Everybody's different. Some feel the changes as alienating, others as stimulating. Each member can make choices independently of others, so some are staying and some are going. To you, Zyph, and any others, I wish good health and internet peace.

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    oh noes new people are coming in our clubhouse, lets leave and not give them a chance to learn or change ....drama /sigh

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    Goodbye Zyph, well hopefully not. With a little luck, I should still see you on msn and skype plenty.

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    You've taken a couple extended vacations in the past (with good reason) and I hope you'll be back after this one as well. I think we need the not very active posters too, and I'll miss seeing your scary dog avatar. Hope you'll at least still pop up in IRC from time to time.

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