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    i guess that's eye catching. let me ask this, what defines a pervert to you. for most people, someone who wears and enjoys diapers would fall into that category. i beg to differ but then i enjoy diapers. so let me ask you, in your eyes, in your opinion, what is a pervert. i think that's a legitment question. and don't say me. lol

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    OMG perv! No, but really, I would consider a pervert someone who is too overt about his/her sexual interests, especially in inappropriate situations.

    For example, saying you like diapers here doesn't make you a pervert. But if you run down the street screaming "I like to wear and use diapers" to innocent bystanders.. then yes, that makes you a pervert in my eyes.

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    a pervert to me is someone that just exhumes sexual energy over everyone, even unwanting bystanders which, in turn, repels them from said person.

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    There's many different possible examples people can give. However in your case people only judged you by what they know about you which is your name. You made 3 posts on adisc two of them being about your name/yourself pretty much yet you never gave us a reason to trust you in the first place. You never told us who you are, why you are here, etc, etc.

    So really people judged you by what they know about you which is your name. This also happens in real life with a person's looks and judging a book by its cover this is the exact same situation, only this is online.

    I once went by a name called Iluvdiapers16,Iluvdiapers17 etc. If that's all you knew about me how would you respond? What do you think I would have to offer to you or anyone else other then random diaper talk you most likely heard a billion times before that gets old after maybe 5 mins?

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    Perversion is simply defined doing something that is not normal, not right, immoral, corrupt, or a misuse of something.

    "A pervert" to me is what the media have defined it to be, an evil sexual predator. I don't like that definition, but that's the instant reaction thanks to the way the media use the word.

    In reality most people are probably sexual perverts by it's proper definition, depending on what is really called 'normal'. In the eyes of the church (if religion is factor) almost certainly.

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    Hmm... well, I'd say the definition of a pervert is really just someone who does something differently to the norm. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    But to me, I think it means someone who forces their sexuality on people. So, no matter what sick, twisted things turn you on, I'm not going to complain about it. But if you start talking about it to me, or anyone else, when they clearly don't want to know, I would call you a pervert.

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    Just don't come here to make fantasy threads and then fap to people's replies, I hate that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvsGurl View Post
    Just don't come here to make fantasy threads and then fap to people's replies, I hate that.
    But it's so fun!

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    A pervert is somebody who has a perversion: "Sexual perversions are conditions in which sexual excitement or orgasm is associated with acts or imagery that are considered unusual within the culture."

    Pervert has bad connotations though, I generally think of peeping Toms and paedophiles. This is why 'paraphilia' is often used instead, as it's a nice neutral term.
    If you say "I have a perversion" people will run a mile, but "I have a paraphilia" will make people think 'what the hell is that? Sounds posh though so it must be good'.

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    Q. What's the difference between a pervert and a degenerate?
    A. A pervert uses a feather to arouse a woman. A degenerate uses the entire chicken!

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