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Thread: Forrest here!

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    Smile Forrest here!

    Hi, Iím new here.

    I have been in love with diapers and some other babyish things for as long as I can remember. It has never really bothered me either, it was just sort of there. I have been going to the therapist recently and have been talking to her about it a lot. Itís mostly the normal stuff that people talk with their therapists with. She suggested that I talk to my mom about it. My mom knows about it, but didnít accept it. She used to throw all of my stuff away anytime she would find it.
    Well I joined today because yesterday my mom and I had the talk, where I explain what it means to me blah, blah, blah. She ended up crying and saying that all she wanted was for me to be healthy and happy, and that she didnít want me doing it because she thought that it wouldnít make me those things.
    But, now she accepts it. Thatís what she said at the end of the conversation. She also said she wouldnít throw my diaper stuff out anymore either. So, because of that, I went and bought diapers today while she was out. I plan on telling her that I bought them, just to see how she reacts. It will go well, she might be pissed that I went to the store without telling her though.
    I would consider myself gay because I know I like guys. I have liked them ever since I went out with a guy at the beginning of the school year. I still donít know if I like girls though. I meanÖÖÖI thought I didÖÖ.until I made out with a guy that liked me (we ended up going out!). Ever since then I have been interested in guys and have not really looked at girls in the same way. I am figuring out my sexuality every day, piece by piece.
    I really like video games, as well as spending time outside. I belong to a gaming website that I like to go to. If anyone goes there please contact me, and then we could talk on there as well! I am actually thinking about joining the cheerleading squad next year at my school. I hope that everything goes well with that. If you ever want to PM me about any videogame questions, I am always willing to help or just talk to people about them. I also like to practice parkour in my local area. I am getting pretty fit from it, as well as being able to run from people very well.
    I know I have typed a lot, but there is so much more to type! I guess you will figure me out more and more, the more I post. Thanks for reading my introduction. I canít wait to get posting!

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    Hi and welcome!

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    Hello! Welcome to adisc. You sound like a bright and thoughtful person. I'm glad telling your mom went well, so we can avoid the "should I tell my parents?" thread

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    Welcome to the site as well. I looks like we are going to get to know you. I thought your introduction we very detailed and well done. I hope things go well with your mom. For some here on this site, telling parents works out reasonably well, and for some it doesn't. My mom didn't accept it, and sent me to a shrink, but that was a long time ago. Times have changed because of the internet. Still, parents want their kids to be well adjust, and have formed ideas as to what that is. Anyway, enjoy posting.

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    Heya, Forrest. Welcome to adisc!

    Congratulations on being accepted by your mum! I wouldn't recommend telling her that you bought some diapers; even though she's accepting of it, it's still probably best to be discreet.

    I feel the same way about my sexuality as you described, I think. Apart from the fact that I've never yet been out with a guy :p

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    Yah. I decided not to tell her that I bought diapers. I talked to her about it and came at it as a hypothetical. She said that she would'nt thow any of my diapers away, as long as I kept them to my self. I share a room with my brother, so I kind of have to!!!

    I am glad you like my intro post. I thought that it would be worth it, just to get it all out. It felt so good to do that.

    Thanks all!!

    P.S. Yah you wont have to worry about the "should I tell my parents?" thread. Haha.

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    Thank you so much!

    This site is so open and kind. I love it already!

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    great introduction. glad to have you on this forum. i have a feeling you'll bring a lot of interesting ideas to the threads here.

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