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    Relatively new, but I've got some pictures here to share about the Mamypoko brand.

    I got the largest-sized version of this brand, and here's some pictures in this gallery.

    Gallery for Mamypoko XXL
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    They look like ordinary baby diapers. They even seem to be the largest baby size which most of us will have some difficulty with putting them on.

    What do you think about them, Chibimizu? Share some experiences, whether or not they actually fit or whatever .

    Here are the images he was speaking of:

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    Those are cute, and large. They look almost the same size as an Underjam or Goodnite.

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    Man if those fit like goodnites xl, I would love to get my hands on those. There is some European brand I've heard of called Libro or something like that, has a size 7 that look huge. But don't know how to get them.

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    I tried them on, but - I haven't taken my waistline in ages so I don't really know what its actual size is. What I can say is, though, that Goodnites barely fit me (as in, the chances of putting one piece of goodnites on is approximately 70% since I can accidentally tear it) while this one... well... I needed to take tapes off two other pieces before I could wear it. Even then, the back doesn't cover my large bottom well enough.

    After all, these are baby diapers, not teenage ones. =(

    P.S.: Even with this, it still doesn't mean I'm going to try adult diapers anytime soon. :P

    EDIT: I forgot to add this, but the tapes are really snug. On a side note, one latched onto a piece of my underwear so hard that I *might* consider using two pieces of my old underwear as connectors from the back to the front. XD

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    id rather have bambino's ot ABU, but whatever

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