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Thread: Crazy/Fun Things to do During Summer?

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    Default Crazy/Fun Things to do During Summer?

    What are some of the crazy and fun things that you have done during the summer? And what are some ideas for some crazy things that you can do?

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    When I was 11 I lived on the beach with a good friend who was 12. His mother was supposing to be watching us, but she played the horses, so she would leave us alone in the house for days at a time. Since this was Seaside, N.J., there is a great boardwalk that had gambling. I would play the wheels that people gambled on for cigarettes. I had statistics in school that year, and law of chance, so I watched where the ball played. When it hadn't landed on the 3 packs, the most plentiful squares, I would bet. I won cigarettes by the arm loads. He and I would go up and down the beach selling the cigarettes at half price. Then we had a fair amount of money to play the games, buy junk food, go to the movies, and have a ball. Those were the great days!

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    Amusemant parks are always fun. I heard Six Flags NJ got a new ride... Again...
    Waterparks too!
    Sleeping! Love it!
    Mountain biking! Very thrilling, especially in the loose slippery mud after it rains. (super scary)
    Playing guitar! Really loudly!
    Screaming (Screamo) through our cheap PA while someone else plays guitar!
    Daydreaming... (my favourite!)

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    Attend the Inter-University Consortium on Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I vaguely recall that I used to do fun things before grad school, met interesting people, saw new places...

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    Camping can be fun; I'm going camping this summer which I'm looking forward to.

    If it's nice, BBQs can be good. Some drinks, some cheap meat from the shop and a disposable dia BBQ, and you can have a nice day out! (Not that I'm advising drinking whilst cooking)

    Go for a walk!

    Oh yeah Charlie, real ****ing fun that.

    Well I find walks exciting.

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    Beach, day after day. I'll probably spend most of my vacation like that. I don't like just sitting and swimming for days on end. I like lifeguard. (yea, I know you must by now be thinking, there we have him again with his lifeguard but that's just how it is :P) So I have no advise on how to plan your vacation.

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    I'll likely be in summer session, taking a couple classes that I would never take otherwise. If I do it, I will enjoy it very much.

    Not wild and crazy, but there it is . . . .

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    collect legal fireworks, open them up to harvest their powders and what not and do whatever comes to mind, just be sure not to destroy anything, namely yourself and others.

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    I like to walk Charlie F. It's something my son and I do when he comes to visit. I'm going to try and do more bike riding this summer. Somewhere in the summer, my infamous room mate from college is coming to visit. He's going to bring his bike, so we're going on the trail together. It should be fun.

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