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Thread: Would you go out in public dressed as an AB?

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    Default Would you go out in public dressed as an AB?

    I don't feel comfortable going out wearing a big baby outfit but at the local AB/DL gathering here, when the header of the group holds public gatherings at places, or the other guy, some of the AB/DL's come dressed as big babies and I always come in regular clothes.

    Last Saturday I go to the Easter Egg Hunt held for us AB/DL's and some of them were dressed up in big baby clothes or little girl clothes and had bottles and pacifiers with them. This was in a public park where we can be seen by kids. We don't get any stares or attention from anyone and no kids seem confused if they see us. They have no reaction.

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    No, but I know some do that. I would prefer to be in street clothes myself, because I would not want to be exposed as an AB. I choose to keep my AB life private and not try to attract attention to it.


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    No. Definitely, completely no. XD
    Though, if I were headed to a *DBL meet or something, I might possibly consider having a paci clipped to my shirt or something, obviously with regular street clothes. But that's a big maybe. >.>

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    No, I wouldn't even have to think about that one.
    I wouldn't just be nervous about non-*BDL people, I would be embarrassed/nervous about other *BDLs.

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    If I was there I'm afraid I might start to laugh. I know, I just shouldn't, but think about it. It sounds like something from Monty Python. The fact that it's in a public park just seems funny to me. You can be sure that even if people weren't reacting, they had a lot to say behind your back. People are people, after all. Like others have said, my AB/DL side is private to me. I wouldn't want anyone in public to know about it. Just by being there, people would certainly put 2 and 2 together. Sorry for the honesty, and believe me, I get into it alone at home, just not out in public.

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    No, and I really wish others wouldn't do it, either. Frankly, it gives people all the wrong impressions. It makes us look like freaks and pedophiles. If we ever want to be considered anything other than freaks, we need to not act like freaks in public. It's counterproductive when someone goes out in public like that. I mean, I know some people are into the embarrassment and BDSM side of it, but there's places dedicated to that, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    I've gone out in shortalls over a onesie, does that count?
    It counts as adorable :3

    But thats the most I would do to, something that may seem fashionably strange but not blatantly babyish.

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    No...the last thing I want to do is for people to think I'm some heidi lynn wannabe or something :/

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    I've gone to breakfast in hotels in my footed sleeper and a diaper underneath... That's about it...

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