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Thread: Secure XPLUS vs Abena vs Bianco

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    Exclamation Secure XPLUS vs Abena vs Bianco

    Which of these three is thicker? I have tried the Abena X-Plus and the only thing that I have to say negative about it is that the taping system leaves much to be desired, if you mess up on the first try and try to re-tape you will tear the plastic.

    I have heard that the Secure and Bianco have the large landing zone for the tape. Of these, which do people prefer?

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    Well...the Secure x Plus an the Bambino Bianco are the same exact diaper. (Although you will probably pay a little more for the Bambino) The tapes are MUCH better than the Abena tapes...but the Abena's are thicker.

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    Yep, Abenas are indeed thicker, plus if they'd fix their tapes, they would be the perfect diaper. Aside from that, I prefer Bambinos definitely. The plastic, landing zone, and comfort of the Bambino just feels better compared to the Secure X-Plus diaper.

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    I've tried the abena x plus and the secures, and hands down the abena's are thicker. Either way though, both the Abena's and secures are excellent diapers, so you won't go wrong with either of them. I haven't tried the bianco's mainly because bambino's just seem to be pricey in my opinion, though I guess one would pay a premium for the way they look.

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    I agree that the Abena X-Plus is the thickest and most absorbent of the three. It is my favorite diaper. (I don't have problems with the tapes because, I've worn so many I hit the right spot for a good fit the first time.)

    However, I disagree that the Bambino Biancos and Secure X-Plus are the same, aside from the print and wetness indicator. I don't have any proof but, I feel that the Biancos have a higher capacity.

    One day, I will settle the matter for myself and post the results.

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    I have tried all three of these... I still have Abena X-plus and plenty of Bambinos at home... I'll take some pics for comparison tonite if y'all want.

    Abena X-plus is definately the thickest of the three... however Bambino uses more SAP in the diaper so it actually holds more.

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