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Thread: What do you think of these for OS and Data?

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    Default What do you think of these for OS and Data?

    I've only got $200 to spend on drives and I thought I'd better get faster drives for better performance. So, what do you think of these or if you know something better I could get for my computer for $200 speak up.

    OS Drive:

    This drive is only 32gb SSD, would Vista Ultimate SP1 fit on there? All I plan on putting on it is the OS, drivers and updates. Or is it worthless buying a small drive for the OS like Vista? Hell, I could put Windows 7 back on it as well but it'd get to cramped wouldn't it?

    Sequential Access - Read up to 175mb/s
    Sequential Access - Write up to 100mb/s

    Data Drive: -

    What do you think?
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    Don't do it. I had a Western Digital Raptor 74 gig for my boot drive for several years. It fills up VERY fast because everything you install wants to go on there, and that was with more than twice the size of that drive. It's just not viable. Also, that speed isn't exactly stellar compared to modern SATA hard drives. Get mirrored Western Digital 640's. That will give you both performance and a failsafe if a drive dies.

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    The SSD would be JUST for the OS nothing else. Well, drivers and updates lol. But I don't care if I have to select to install the programs at.

    I could get 2-3 of the 640gb WD's and add those to my current 750gb Seagate in a RAID 0 or 1 array, how would that work you think?

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    My current system is 2 mirrored Western Digital 640's in a mirrored array. The 640 drives, in particular, perform better than earlier drives due to new technology. Don't trust the Seagate hard drive with your data. Seagates die a LOT.

    I'm a network administrator. I once managed a network with over 200 systems. Not ONCE did I ever find a working Seagate drive in any of our spare systems. Maxtors (pre-Seagate acquisition) and Western Digitals, usually fine. But it got to the point where if I saw a Seagate drive, I chucked it without even testing it. I can speak from professional experience that you should never depend on a single Seagate drive.

    Go with twin WD 640's, mirror them, and be done with it. Solid state drives still aren't "there" yet. Wait for them to get larger and more affordable before investing in them. Anything under 100 gigabytes, don't touch even for a boot drive.

    Note: you can always get larger drives if you want. If you can afford larger ones, check their performance ratings. If it matches that of the 640's, it's using the same technology.

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