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Thread: Ok.. a little advice here?

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    Angry Ok.. a little advice here?

    Ok well, over the last few days I've been trying to sort out my life. Apparently I've made some people angry. Naming one, my foster parent.

    1, being that I have decided to get my GED, switched schools from the school I was going to to the Adult Education Center. They do not require parental permission to enroll there. She thinks that there is no way that I signed myself in and thinks that I was with my mom ( whom she hates and has threatened to kill on multiple occasions ) Anyway, even after I insist that I sign myself into the school, and just withdrew from my other school ( today ) and she let me do this.

    2, the fact that today me and a friend had a conversation with the apartment manager about splitting a 3 bedroom apartment between him, my mom and me. I told her that I figured it out that I want to live in the complex, because it seemed like a good idea to me. Well... upon telling this to Kathy, she blew up in my face about what I was going to do, and didn't my mom buy a house and all this other crap... She decided to rent the house out to make extra income for herself. And she goes on to say that if my mom didn't want me then, why would she want me now? Starts outright cursing me threatening to have me removed. My mom did nothing wrong with me, or my sisters and I think that this woman is the one who is unstable. She needs mental help. Apparently she thinks that someone has been telling rumours about her to CPS. Guess who she thinks is telling them rumours?! MY MOM! And she has tried to get her arrested many times, and the only thing my mom EVER interacted with her was saying "hello" to her. She is judging a book by its cover and hasn't even began to open the first page...

    The reason I want to live with my mom and my friend together is because it would make it easier on both me and her. My mom would have help, my friend could get his credit up ( the apt would be in his name ) and I would be able to not worry about getting back and forth to College when I start going in the fall...

    She says that if my mom moves into the apartment that she will move out. Frankly, I couldn't care less.

    Then she goes on to say that SHE CAN SUE THE SCHOOL FOR LETTING ME SIGN IN BY MYSELF?!!!

    Its not even technically a SCHOOL... it is a GED PREP PROGRAM!

    This woman is not my mother and I am getting sick of her nonsense. Someone please give me some advice and sorry for rattling on I needed to get that out of my system.. also my counselor sees me tomorrow, is there anything I should tell her, because I really do not know what to tell her.

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    I guess the first question I would ask (not knowing your situation) is how long you've been living with your foster mother. If it's been a long time, maybe she feels threatened by your biological mother and isn't dealing with it in a healthy manner. She may feel like she raised you and now your mother is swooping in after all this time to reap the benefits of her labor.

    But she could also be crazy. *grin*

    I would also ask why you dropped out of high school and have decided to go the GED route. If it's in another post, just point me there. I kan reed. Yay.

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    Ive been living with her for 1 and a half years. I dropped out of school because I am 17 and I only have 5.5 credits in HS. The GED would let me go to college. I want to become a police officer.

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    Okay. So it's been a short-term situation, and she's flipping out like this...the one thing I can think of (and it's a valid concern) is if things didn't work out with your mom a year and a half ago, what has changed now? Apparently she doesn't think your mom is a good influence for some reason. Maybe you can step back and figure out why that is.

    I think with the high school thing she's just trying to be practical. A high school diploma is usually superior to a GED in many cases; however, if you're 17 and only have 5.5 credits (why is that, anyhow?) then I guess the GED is your best bet. You'd be almost 20 before you graduated, depending on how your high school does it.

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    My mom didn't do ANYTHING wrong though.. They assumed that she did, and since my mom was afraid of taking the mental exams..
    She never did the mental exams, therefore was convinced by a caseworker who FALSELY told her that she would have to pay child support if she didn't sign us over.

    The system is corrupted.

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    Why was she asked to take mental exams? They don't do that without what they believe is due cause. Whether factual or know.

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    Because they thought she was a risk. She wasn't. My sisters told CPS a bunch of lies.

    My friend talked to her. Also the school called her today. Both of it is fixed.
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    It sounds like there is a lot more information that is needed to make any sort of judgement here. My feeling is that you need to concentrate on yourself. Since you are 17, you need your hs degree or GED, so concentrate there. Then continue your career goals. It sounds like a good plan. Changing where you live and how you live may make your life more difficult. Just my opinion, with very little facts.

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    Yeah, really...I mean, a new aspect of this story unfolds every time you post, timmahtherebel. Suffice it to just say this: you have a very complicated life at the moment. Do whatever is the most stable for you, because you evidently have very little of that in your life. I know you love your mom, but if your sister is going to be living with you guys, obviously that's not a good thing.

    Go where the least drama is. That's the key. *grin* It will help you attain your goals, and then you can stop relying on others for things. Self-sufficience should be your overall goal.

    Me personally? I left home when I was 17, and I haven't looked back. It was complicated and dramatic, and I decided to go my own way. It hasn't always been easy, but I know it's been better than it would've been had I stayed.

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