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Thread: Fursona

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    Has anyone else ever used a WoW character as their 'sona? I'm not even sure if it counts or not but my worgen is me as far as I'm concerned when I'm in big space.

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    I'm not sure I have ever heard of "WoW". What is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RW25 View Post
    I'm not sure I have ever heard of "WoW". What is that?
    World of Warcraft. A number of their expansions have added "furry" races.

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    Ha sorry, like Trevor said it's a multiplayer rpg game that's pretty big and been around a long time. It has sentient playable races that look like animals, wolves, pandas, cows, I think they're adding a snake race soon too.

    I've played as my wolf-type character since 2011 I think (sometime during Firelands for those who like me often live on "wow time" and date things better by the patch or raid associated with it than actual dates lol)

    Before that she was a cow person (tauren) and i like them too.

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    Didnt play one as my fursona but as soon as cata was released i did start a worgen character years ago, it was my favorite.

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