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Thread: So few Females

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    Women are more empowered now, in the '60s women were expected to be Wilma Flintstone or Lucy Ricardo or Laura Petry, That was the Madison Avenue profile and they by golly made it stick. Women wearing pants was more taboo than men wearing panties. Seriously.
    One of the most "enlightened" ad campaigns, which allowed for women models wearing slacks, was a cigarette brand. The slogan was "you've come a long way, baby!" which was a mix of progress and regressive.
    The term Baby is something of an insult even today when the person is obviously larger than a 'baby' and "infantile" is still a put-down. Also, most women are smaller than most men and a really ugly truth is that some men, maybe not the majority but way too many, think it's ok to hit people who are smaller than them. So women are less likely to put themselves into the influence of a large violent man. They evolved a lot more introverted in just about every aspect.

    But still society condones calling a woman all manner of nasty names if she has more than one relationship. And glorifies a male individual (unless he's gay) who has many partners.

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    Males appear to be naturally more inclined than females to objectify sex (breasts, butts, hair etc.) and, in much the same way, to be more materialistic in fulfilling fantasies, sexual or nonsexual. I blame evolution.

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    i think there are more woman abdls out there then what we know of... alot just seem to be hesitant on joining communities cause the male to female ration they feel they will just get bombarded with a bunch guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poofybutt View Post
    Good points. I didn't even think that women might be intimidated to join a community that was predominantly men, but that makes sense, I mean, even I've dealt with some pushy males in the scene.

    Is it really easier for women to find willing partners? I always thought that finding a partner as an ABDL would be difficult regardless of gender and sexual orientation, after all, being a big baby is admittedly, a tough sell.
    I'm pretty sure if a chick messaged any guys who are on the ab/dl spectrum if they wanted to engage into an ab/dl relationship with them do you really think many guys would say no considering how hard it is to find a woman who's into it? I mean sure there are exceptions, there are many women here I would think that struggle but for the most part I'd say it's probably easier for a woman to find a guy than it is for a guy to find a woman because men advertise their singleness and women do not. (Generally anyway) At least from what I can observe. I mean look at the ratio of men to women on Adisc, the ratio is probably like 1 woman for every 5 guys. *Shrug* Maybe I just read into it wrong though idk.

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    I agree, many women (like myself) feel comfortable with ourselves and our choices are very personal and look for others to share feelings and experiences but rarely look for support.

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    I think you're seeing two things. One, there indeed be fewer baby girls out there. Two, you see fewer baby girls who want to come hang up in forums such as these. I can tell you from experience I've had a few female friends who pretty much get tired of being harrassed by others in these kind of forums. It wasn't this board (in fact, the site doesn't exist anymore), but even the moderator hit on my ex-girlfriend at one point.

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