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Thread: Are any of you ABDL and don't do it for sexual reasons?

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    Default Are any of you ABDL and don't do it for sexual reasons?

    I was just wondering

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephxylose View Post
    I was just wondering
    I am a non sexual DL , I have to wear diapers than damn it I reserve the right to make it fun! On occasion when I am exhausted and falling asleep I get wood,but it has nothing to do with the diaper , when I change or am being changed I rarely get wood , I will say a few times in the hospital my kinda woman was changing me ,yes acted indifferent but no matter how much mind begged my body don't you go there it did, but the nurse didn't say a word about it was completely professional.

    Are you a non sexual DL or struggling with sexual DL and trying to resolve the conflict within yourself ?

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    I personally consider myself to be a mostly nonsexual little, so, yes I regress for emotional and personal reasons as opposed to sexual ones.

    Sometimes, I'll get excited by the thought of being changed and I'll get a little stiff down there when first putting on a diaper, but by and large, my baby time is wholesome and innocent, I just like to regress and be taken care of, it relieves stress, has helped my self-esteem and leaves me feeling relaxed and emotionally fulfilled like nothing else

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephxylose View Post
    Are any of you ABDL and don't do it for sexual reasons?
    I know nothing, so here are some random tentative ideas!

    What are "sexual reasons"...? (It sounds like an easy question, but...)

    I think there are a few distinct reasons that people become ABDL, like:

    1. As prepubescent children, they came to associate diapers with a sense of safety, security, babyhood, lack of responsibility, etc., and became psychologically attached to (the idea of) diapers as a comfort object.
    2. Teens/adults with another primary kink (BDSM, cuckolding, spanking, urophilia, scatophilia, enemas, etc.) who discover diapers as a part of that fetishistic play.
    3. Incontinent people who overcome their "personal stigma" of wearing diapers, and turn it into a psychologically pleasurable experience.
    4. Non-DL age-players for whom diapers are just another non-essential part of their interest.
    5. All the reasons I haven't thought of.

    I think(?) most people with an adult interest in diapers would fall under point 1 above. And in that case, it *sounds* reasonable to think that some people might, in adulthood, maintain the idea of diapers as purely a comfort object with no sexual connotations.

    Yet, from what I've read on the forums, most people seem to experience physical sexual arousal when (as adults) they get to try diapers again for the first time since toddler-hood. Given how the wearing and use of diapers involves the stimulation of genital nerves, I find it hard to imagine that there are many people (in point 1) for whom diapers end up being wholly non-sexual.

    Point 2 is clearly(?) "sexually" motivated (depending on what you mean by "sexual"). So, moving swiftly on...

    Point 3... I can't comment on, as I'm not incontinent. I would *imagine* that the psychological transformation of the idea of diapers from "annoying medical necessity" to "kinda cute and fun" for someone who is incontinent would be much more focussed on the concept of diapers as being a "comfort object" rather than anything sexual. But, then, maybe it becomes a "sexual" thing, and that's where (some) of the pleasure comes from...?

    Point 4... I imagine would start as a purely non-sexual thing, with the possibility of becoming "sexual".

    But... overall, I think that there must be something "sexual" to most people's interest in ABDL... at least... anyone who is sufficiently compelled to type "diapers" into a search engine (and isn't incontinent and just looking for supplies).

    TL;DR: Define "sexual" And what the hell do I know, anyway?!

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    Well i am IC but you have to do something to elevate it from a PIA to something more doable . Now for a question I should probably know I just cant place it what is "cuckholding" is it the whole chastity thing of putting your wood away in a cage thing ?or is it something else I have no idea about?

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    I'm a non sexual AB/Little myself. As I have said it before and to make a long story short; I became incontinent at age 16 and have been in diapers ever since. Also having mental disorders (high stress, high anxiety, and schizophrenia) puts me at high risk for suicidal tendencies. Fortunately and thankfully I have not had suicidal thoughts or actions for almost 6 years now! Why? First and foremost to God for helping me break my suicidal tendencies. Secondly, I have the love and support of my mom (who knows about me being an AB\Little), and also the ABDL community for introducing something I can relax with and just forget about my stresses when I am regressed or being "babied". It is a comforting thing for me to be a non sexual AB\Little and has made a positive difference in my life.

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    Wholly nonsexual for me. I got into it because of practicality and turned out I liked it. It's comforting.

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    It's not sexual for enjoy them. I would entertain the thought and/or fantasies of the bedroom and am 200% positive I've become erect while in my diaper but it's barely a passing thought at this stage of my wearing.

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    Almost by default, AB's are not going to be sexually motivated at all.

    You have to understand that an adult baby is by definition an adult that is seeking the experiences of a baby. And babies don't experience sexuality at all.

    Though yes, as adults we obviously do experience sexuality. Mixing these two can and does happen, but not very often. If anything, with most who engage in baby play and get aroused, that baby play is put on hold till it's taken care of.

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