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Thread: Are any of you ABDL and don't do it for sexual reasons?

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    Well, yea, i was not an abdl for the first 2 or so yrs i had to wear, and even now its kind of the same situation, theres always a soft disposable garment on my boy parts, so eventually i figured things out, and really just do it for release because i dont have sex and while im wearing cause it feels pretty good and i dont gotta clean up my cmen off of my darn ceiling. Im a fecal incontinent 28 yr old, have had these issues on and off close to ten yrs, i was to embarrassed to go out and have sex because of it, im thankful i found all this abdl stuff and became a pretty big player in the online scene, this is all ive got. Hope that helps! Best of luck!

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    Well I am a DL & even though I've never had an RP or real life experience with other ABDL people, no I wouldn't say I'd be a DL for sexual reasons. Like tiny said some people might become psychologically attached to diapers since they can be soft & comfortable (depending on what diaper you prefer of course). Never had any sexual experience involving diapers as a teen or young adult, now having erections or accidents in diapers...yes but not for sexual purposes.

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    I do it for the cuddles and the puddles!
    Simply, if I'm with you, I'm not your toy, I'm your baby. I don't expect or want any different treatment than any other little baby would get and if something gets me turned on somehow, I'll just bounce on a bouncy or ride your knee until it discreetly takes care of itself, then back to a fresh diapy and a nap.

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    For me it's stress and trauma relief. I don't need any sexual activity.

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    I'm a non sexual ABDL as well.

    Do it for stress relief and escapism.

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    I first wore adult diapers for medical reasons. Now, that my injuries healed, I guess I got used to them, and I prefer them. It bothered me at first when people found out. Then I realized that my choice of underwear. That's all it a choice of underwear Just like boxers, briefs, thongs or commando. Its not usually sexual, but it can be just like my gal wearing sexy undies for me, I'll wear cute nappies for her.
    Back to friends and family. We had the conversations about all the why's and how's long ago. And, when new friends find out, I just blow it of with, "What kind of underwear do you wear?" I don't think it should be ignored, However it should not be given a second thought. I don't lie, but I do not advertise.
    Though, it does make me feel sexy like wearing tight jeans that show panty lines.

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