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Thread: How does one find local ABDL friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    It'd be really fun to have a playmate but I swear I feel like south Texas is devoid of ABDLs sometimes.
    I doubt that it is devoid of ABDLs, as even in my town, which is in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere, I have discovered there are other ABDLs out there.

    Just be careful, okay? There are some folks out there that aren't the best to get involved with. Before you actually get involved in meeting people in R/L, do some research and make sure that the meeting is safe. Best situations might be a group event so you are not alone. There are groups here on ADISC that you can get involved with and perhaps find others near you.

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    Hi sheepies,

    A quick post for now. I felt the same way you have. Recently I joined a gaming club and found a couple into kink, one of whom is a little. This was totally out of the blue! So I guess Iím saying sometimes if you go to meet ups and events with things you like, you sometimes run into people with shared interests and who might be into ABDL or at least open minded. In my recent experiences, Iíve also begun to find that many geeky or nerdy people appear to be more open to kink than other folks. Just a personal observation. Iím nerdy so it works for me LOL.

    Anyway I may post on this again later but you can find others ... it just takes some searching and serendipity sometimes.

    Be well.

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    I would have to add to Tabula's post. I used to go regularly to a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and gaming convention in Portland, Oregon and you run across a lot of people who are obviously into different orientations, fetishes and lifestyles. Try saving up and hitting a 'con or two and you may get lucky and start meeting some like-minded people. And some of the parties can get a bit...interesting...

    Of course, Portland does have a rep for being open to a lot of different things--hence the tagline/bumper-sticker "Keep Portland Weird." lol

    I cannot tell you how many times I got drunk in a party with a bunch of Klingons...

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    For me I knew someone who is on ADISC who used to live in my area when she was younger and she moved back a few months ago, we met a couple of times. It was nice. I don't really like FetLife, it has a mix of all types of kinks even too weird for me and it puts me off, also the colour scheme isn't inviting.

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    I wish there were friends near me. I feel by myself in that regard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    You guys convinced me to make a FetLife account.

    Not seeing any ABDLs in my town but made a post any way.

    Not sure about staying though. The site is a little.... Extreme for me.
    I found a couple in Ft Worth, which you probably understand. Actually North Richland Hills and we met up at a restaurant. Dallas probably has a community by now. My dad always said "Son, never drink anything blue..." but more important he said "son, always remember, Dallas spelled sideways is 'Sallad'. "
    I never understood it, but I always remembered it. Maybe Austin. or (shudder) (gasp) Houston. My bet would be Austin. I always wanted to go to Austin to visit Hippy Hollow, and Oat Willy's Department Store, aka the world's largest head shop. Never went. A ten dollar bus trip but I never went. The other other option that I can think of... craigslist. There's at least 3 who sometimes advertise on CL, Colorado Springs and a few more in Denver. If we make a group, there'll be a group. I think it's worth a try. Up here and down there.

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    Most people who are into fetish scene are pretty open minded. Try pitching the idea to someone you meet but as always, be conscientious of their needs as well.

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    I found my best friend on DPF decades ago. While in the same city he doesn't live close to me though, so we hardly ever have the chance to hang out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I found my best friend on DPF decades ago. While in the same city he doesn't live close to me though, so we hardly ever have the chance to hang out.
    DPF ... I think it was easier to establish long term ABDL relationships before the advent of the internet & forums like this. Back then we (ABDLís) were so isolated that when you found someone who shared the interest you were instant friends.

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    I made a friend and he mention it whilst we were talking I was surprised and I sail I was too and his face lit up I showed him my insta so as to kinda prove it

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