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Thread: Your Potty training Expierence

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    Default Your Potty training Expierence

    plz share Your Potty training Expierence and thooughts on it
    i know there is a similar thread but its a lil off topic so her is one
    just for you to share your exp. and thoughts

    Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    you mean potty-brainwashing right?

    i really didnt have a "potty training experience" it was more like "ooh, your 2 and a half? heres some underware, pee your pants and i spank you." needless to say i was dry in a week.

    thats kinda how my very early childhood was only i wasnt always dry
    specially nights

    wow just had a random thought
    imo i think everyone should be diapered until they are of legal age
    so they are babied and got to school and learn
    think about it
    that could probly crack down on crimes

    how many gangbangers do u know in diapers
    how many drug dealers do u see in diapers
    do u see girls that wear diapers pregnant

    (i know what your thinking)
    (but u dont know what im thinking)
    (think about bedwetters)
    most bedwetters/daywetters i know (that wear 24/7)
    are pretty innocent
    they dont go pick fights on school or bully ppl
    cuz they are too worried tryin to keep their secret

    just give it a thought

    i dont know it just poped in my head
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    Huh? What's going on here? Use the edit function if you want to add more to your post.

    Anyway, I honestly think my potty training experience was very rushed. From what I've been told, I was out of diapers by the time I was 2, or if not, then only a little bit after. And to some degree I think it's contributed to my DL-side... that feeling I get where I never got the chance to enjoy diapers as much as other kids who were in them for much longer.

    But I guess I've only got myself to blame! I was also told I didn't like wearing them at all and just wanted to be out of them. That I was "eager" to be potty-trained. >_< Oh geez, so much has changed since then.
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    To answer your question, if I quote my mom, it'll be better...One day I actually asked her and she said: "Your sister was easy to potty train, but you! You were stubborn!"...Apparently it took a long time when I was little to stay dry in the day even...Once I was though (I don't know...somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 I guess...) I was pretty good from my own experience.

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    i totally forgot about the edit button
    i was kinda in a hurry cuz my mom was pullin in the drive way
    sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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    I was potty trained at about 2 years and 8-9months old. Thats when I was started, and I wuld say I had no day accident by time I was three, and stop bedwetting at about 4 1/2 years old. I also like Lukie think my potty training was rushed, even though I was trained at a pretty average age, it was done really quickly. I do not remember any pulls ups, or potty books or little kid potty. Mine was more of forced thing, because my siste was being born and they did not want two kids in diapers, I am still angry at them about that to this day to a cerain degree. If you want to know more about my potty training I actually posted it in Asuka's potty training thread.

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    ...Anyways, according to my parents I was REALLY reluctant to give up diapers..

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    wait is this potty training as in getting me off of diapers because i dont remember it just because it was like 12 years ago.

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    i didnt know which to choose but since i was a bedwetter for such an extended period i chose the thrd.. i honestly dont remember my experience with toilet training... although i was notorious for having 'accidents' all the way throuh prmary school (elementry school for those who are unfamilar with the term) although that was because i:
    (A) didnt like the public bathrooms (felt exposed n the standing urinal)
    (B) didnt want to leave what i was doing and so sometmes held it until i just went... these were generaly of equal cause.. but once year 7 came round... it ended like 'that' then again it didnt help that i had a weakened bladder (thus a bedwetter for an unusually long time, up tll around 8th grade/ year 8)

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    I can't quite say that I remember anything about my toilet-training. In fact, I hardly remember anything before I was about six or seven years old; it's really rather...foggy. I can assume, however, that I was trained between the time I was two and four years old, as I do remember small portions of my past, though very vaguely. It's definitely not a subject I would want to bring up with my parents, being that they're already fairly suspicious of me and my infantilism (long story).

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