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    I have noticed the past few days I have been really digging wearing a dry diaper, maybe a little more so than wearing a wet one. I wonder why this sudden shift in feeling.

    Well, do you guys like the feel of a dry diaper more than a wet and/or messy one?

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    I used to really like wearing a messy diaper, but lately, like you, I've liked the feeling of a dry diaper much more. I don't really have much of an urge to wet or mess now.

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    A dry one dosent keep me feeling around making sure its not leaking. I can just wear and not have anything to worry about at that time. Just wearing the diaper is bliss in and of itself.

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    Yea I really don't care if its wet or dry. Its just a diaper and it gets all the same feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Yea I really don't care if its wet or dry. Its just a diaper and it gets all the same feeling.
    I agree a diaper is a diaper wet dry what's the difference just as long as I'm wearing one

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    I like wearing a messy diaper more then dry but wearing dry is always fun too. If I am wearing to work or around family i would only wear dry though for fear of leaking or smelling. I have liked dry more then wet or messy at times though but i seem to always return to liking a messy one more.

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    I think a diaper is great dry or wet (right up the point before it starts leaking). Many times, I just love the comfort and security of knowing I'm diapered.

    But the thing is, that when I'm wearing a diaper, it will eventually get wet, because it's much easier than having to remove it when I need to pee. And that's what it's designed for anyway, as it facilitates convenience, so why not?

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    There is a beauty in a new diaper, dry, clean against your skin. There is a beauty in a warm wet diaper, hot against your skin. The beauty in both is the contrast against the other. Like fine dining, there must be difference, or either alone lacks the appeal it gets when contrasted against it's opposite.

    -- Thad

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