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Thread: guards

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    Default guards

    well i have been useing gaurds for just a way to help me become inconteint. they are wallgreens brand.
    comfort:really annoying at first but after that good
    absorbansy: a little less that a under jam.
    other: you cannot pee realy fast or else it does nothing. alot eiasier to change at school and smaller.

    what are your thoughts about these? for girls pads

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    I could see them as a good stuffer I guess. I've never tried them before, so I don't know.

    You said you used them to help you become incontinent. If you don't mind me asking: do you really want to become incontinent at this time, considering you'll be entering high school soon? If I were you, I would at least wait till you're in college and you have a little more privacy, but that's just my opinion.

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    I use guards, but mainly because I have to in order to deal with some very minor drips. Personally, I don't mind them at all, I barely notice them. As for absorbency, they are for minor drips, that's it, nothing more.

    Edit: I use the guards for men, just saw something was mentioned about female ones, wanted to clarify.

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    Yeah, seriously you might want to wait. I mean in HS people kind of don't care what you do with your friends or with your self after like 11th grade, but in 9th you are all still immature 8th graders. You won't get like destroyed for wearing diapers, at least where I come from. In my HS everyone is pretty cool with your own beliefs and what not. But, people may ignore you and friends desert you, which will be hell knowing that you are completely alone. I have felt that way before and trust me it SUCKS big time!!!

    All I am saying is maybe just wait a little while before you go through with this plan.

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    well, considering what has been going on yea i guess i should wait. but that is beside the point.

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    I have used guards but only for the small leaks. It happens to me, not every day but more than once a week I guess. I'm using the Tena Serenity Male Guards. I hardly feel their presence at all, and they do their job.

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    I mostly use them as stuffers. Every once in a while I will use the full size ones instead of a full diaper... They are basically the same thing but they go in you underwear and don't have tapes.

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    I got a "male guard" as a free sample from HDIS just to try it. I liked the feel of it in the underwear but, like undergarments and protective underwear, they do not hold up when you try a "full flow", so to speak.

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    I have a male guard in my underwear everyday to deal with minor drips.
    They can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but you get used to it.
    Beats wet underwear and pants.

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