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Thread: Tiger Snake is the name, slithering is the game!

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    Default Tiger Snake is the name, slithering is the game!

    I was a lurker over at the old site for a while, but then the site shut down, and I didn't get a chance to register.. so anyway, I've finally signed up! Lurker no more!

    Don't really know what to say.. I'm a guy, freshman in High School.. been a Tb for a long while- about 4 years I suppose.. at least that's when I discovered it anyway.. I don't really have many hobbies- not much time for them when your in school, you know? But I do collect coins and knives, and have way too many of both.. I'm a furry too.. I know some on here are furries, from the posts I've read on the other site, so I guess I fit in there.. I'm also rather shy, and don't like attention. I'm the type who watches and listens to what's going on, as opposed to speaking..

    So anyway, hello! Good work on the recontruction of the site! Very unfortunate what happened to it.. I look forward to contributing to this forum, and maybe learn a bit more about myself if possible.. I wish there was more to say, but there really isn't much to me I'm afraid..
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    Welcome to ADISC. Not alot here at the moment apart from good people. Enjoy your stay.

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    well, welcome to A DISC

    Hope you'll have a nice time here. And don't I ever catch you lurking again or else.............. *quiet for a while* or else.......... *again quiet* Or else.... Oh, whatever, I don't know. I'll see that when that comes. :P

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    Hehe Martin! Lurker no more! The only reason I didn't join up before is because I didn't know if I would be able to hide it- but thanks to Hidebad for Firefox, it's no trouble!

    I wished I would have choosen a different screen name though.. I'll request a change after the admin gets the site up to speed. Don't want to swamp him.. he has enough to worry about as is.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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