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Thread: Irrational Diaper Fears!

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    Default Irrational Diaper Fears!

    Tell all in the latest KovalThread. Enjoy!

    For me, I always am worried about seeing a diaper cashier in public. When we go to CVS, although I have not bought there in a while, I am scared a cashier will recognize me and say something like, "Haven't I seen you before?" in front of a parent. Or that I will see a certain person, a clerk at a diaper outlet who recognizes me by face (but not by name).

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    It's a random thought, but yeah I think I have. That's why I try to do my "shopping" in stores that are a bit out of town; ones that I probably will never visit ever again... or at least for weeks/months/years at a time. But even if they did recognise you, the chances that they ask, or even refer to the fact that you've been in before buying diapers, is pretty slim. Still, it's one of those things that has enough potential to scare me in the process of purchasing diapers.

    I think an even bigger fear for me is the chance that someone I know will just so happen to see me, at the checkout, or walking through the store, with diapers in my hand. Someone who knows that I have no younger siblings who I'd be buying them for. Someone who would come over and question why I was buying diapers.

    Even worse, someone who knows my parents. They see you. You're totally screwed. Unless you don't live at home. Then it's not as much of a worry! :tongeout:

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    Being seen by someone I know, even though I've never run into anyone I knew out before. I still make sure I only shop in areas far from home, that are not in the areas the people I know would live or frequent.

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    This will probably sound really arrogant, but....!

    I don't honestly have any fears, even of discovery by friends or family. I've thought up so many different alternatives of excuses and reasons that there's always an answer for something. Just being prepared for even the worst (such as a friend or family member catching you in the store) will make even the most ridiculous situation easy. There are a thousand-and-one reasons out there (after all, you could be volunteering at a nursing home and purchasing these products for an elderly friend who prefers them over the home's prescribed garments), and it just takes a bit of premeditation to keep them handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyWolf View Post
    Being seen by someone I know, even though I've never run into anyone I knew out before. I still make sure I only shop in areas far from home, that are not in the areas the people I know would live or frequent.
    It's kind of funny that many of us have done similar things when buying diapers. I used to think it was only me that would drive 10 to 20 miles across town just to further minimize the off chance of running into someone I knew.
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    I've felt that way as well which is why I do most of my ordering on the internet. I'm known in my community, so the Internet is a lot safer.

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    To be honest most cashiers are not that into acknowledging what you are buying as it is in reality a personal issue with the one who is buying a product. Unless you are one of those ethical/moral people who are unwilling to serve someone a product that is against their beliefs, particularly prescriptions. I have a problem with those people as if that is the case, they shouldn't choose such a profession.

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    All the time. I babysit for a few families who have kids who wear diapers, so I am terrified one of the parents will see me. A bunch of people I know live around there, too.

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    BabyGrizzy: that gives you a perfect excuse, though. "I'm babysitting someone tonight, and their mom asked if I could pick up some supplies for them."

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    I am always a little nervous when going to buy diapers.
    I used to worry more when I was younger.
    I have been buying my diapers at the same medical supply store for many years now and they know me.
    There has never been a problem, they are always nice and say "hi, how are you today".
    I'm sure they see hundreds of people coming in to buy all kinds of medical supplies, not just diapers, and discretion just comes with the territory.
    If they weren't respectfull and discrete, the business would suffer.
    Don't worry too much, their selling, you're buying, it's win, win.

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