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Thread: Government Intervention of the Westboro Baptist Church

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    Default Government Intervention of the Westboro Baptist Church

    This has been a fairly hot topic on ADISC recently - so I came to this conclusion, should the US governmant intervene in closing down the WBC? It seems a valid question as what are they're facts and reasoning for existing? Most of what they protest about seems to be based on Phelps self-hatrid of groups other than his, as there isn't really any evidence in the bible to condone his actions, aside parts twisted to his liking, to make him look as if he is in the right.

    As this is a topic I feel strongly about I would be interested to hear what you think upon the matter.

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    Freedom of speech, they're doing nothing illegal, until they begin attacking people you cannot do anything to stop them.

    To take them down via government is unconstitutional, even if you're offended they are still entitled to their own opinions and peaceful protests. Albeit, the definition of "peaceful" is stretched a bit thin with them...

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    I'm all for Free Speech.

    No matter what values you hold, there will always be some ****s who push it to the edge. You either have to accept that they are entitled to said value, or realise that your value is wrong as it applies to them.

    With the value "The death penalty is wrong" comes horrific, naughty serial killers, and evil political figures.
    With "No sexuality, in itself, can be immoral" comes paedophiles and rapists.
    With "Free speech for all" comes the W*stboro Baptist Church.

    This is why discussing those groups can be interesting: they really push the limits on everyday values.

    I personally find it disgusting that Phelps wasn't allowed into this country, as well as that Dutch ****.
    It may well be the media's fault spreading extremist views, if the media ignored this guy he would have come here, achieved nothing, and ****ed off home. That's how Free Speech should work; by people not listening when it's gets to this.

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    They're assholes, but at least they're peaceful assholes. I say let them live, but as soon as they do something violent, arrest the whole lot of them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    People can practice any religion they want. However, I think the WBC is well overdue for losing their taz-free status. They may be a church, but you could hardly call the WBC a bonna fide charitable institution.

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    The government has already intervened in a way. Many states have banned protests within a certain distance of cemeteries.

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    I personally can't stand these waste's of life, they protested in my town several years ago because we had an openly gay elected official, and us residents organized a much larger rally against these people. However, we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I don't want a government to restrict my speech, or force me into a religion I don't believe. So, as long as they aren't physically hurting someone, I gotta say let them be.

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    The only recommendation I would make is to pass a law (municipal ordinance really) making it a misdemeanor to protest within one hundred meters of a wedding/funeral, wedding/funeral procession or interment.
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    No, because of freedom of speech and all that like the people above me have said. However, I feel that the banning of protests close to cemeteries that Valentine mentioned is a good thing that doesn't limit free speech.

    Also, let's not forget that free speech works both ways here. At many of their protests there are many times their numbers counter-protesting them.

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    So what's the law in Scotland?

    In the US, fortunately, there's no legal basis whatsoever to do as you suggest. Unpopular persons and groups cannot be shut up just because they have made people angry. And that's as it should be.

    It's also the reason that sites like Deeker continue, and have every right to do so.

    And if you don't see where I'm going with this, here it is:

    If we overthrow law to silence those with whom we disagree, where does the silencing end? Who is safe from the mob, once the mob is formed and granted permission?

    You advocate an illegal, slippery slope; history shows that once such "legal vigilantism" catches hold, vicious forces of repression are loosed. How long would it be, for instance, until this very site was shuttered?

    I am gay; I loathe Phelps (and the Mormons, and the Falwells, and all the rest of them), but it's in my own interest to see that law prevails in this country. I am very disturbed when others do not understand that principle.
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